Morning Linkage (Jan 28)

Stram returns to the Salt, Eliz. Raab’s Ducatis with nudes, build­ing a cus­tom in India. Lady Gaga lyrics find a place, a per­fect umbrel­la, Dark trop­i­cal Antoinettes. Using sound and a high speed cam­era to move paint. Sweetest movie cred­its yet for Le Petit Nicolas.

Morning Linkage (Nov 1)

Another vin­tage bob­ber, dirt bikes before there were dirt bikes — a lit­tle CZ, Ducati news and mods. Snow crys­tals and oth­er tiny things. Noise, air­planes, and lousy food. Making doors bet­ter, Cars 2 — can’t wait, a lit­tle robot to build, and some art on the walls of Paris.

Morning Linkage (Jul 16)

Henderson cus­tom, col­or­ing book for the Ducatisi, mod Royal Enfield, OEC Commander, pock­et screw­driv­er, bot­tle design, Animal themed fruit crate labels, The beau­ti­ful and the Grotesque, new art from Italy, not Houston, new Tinites, sen­su­al bike friend of romance.

Morning Linkage (Apr 19)

Transportation Riding the Tiger Shiva. Rotax engine, six for­ward gears, fan­cy met­al work, and you can ride it. It’s absolute­ly gor­geous. Videos: The Tiger Walks (Horrible music ) and Riding the Tiger (You can hear the rotax putt-putt) It’s a trail­er, for a movie, about rid­ing Royal Enfields in India. 2 Roues Sinon Rien. (two …