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Morning Linkage (Jan 28)


Steam to return to the Salt. An update on the efforts of Cyclone Pow­er Tech to recap­ture the land­speed record for a steam engine. Quixot­ic and wonderful.

Ducati has acquired Eliz­a­beth Raab’s Ducati pho­tographs which match sev­er­al of the icon­ic Ducatis with the form of a nude woman in an explo­ration of shape and sur­faces. Skip the words and go straight to the gallery. They’re love­ly, if a bit trite, and very NSFW.

Undis­cov­ered gem. Trishikh Das­gup­ta shoots the recre­ation of his bike Sil­verblaze. An R‑E Bul­let Machis­mo 500.


Gov­ern­ment spon­sored space porn. Not quite. Remix­es and mash-ups of NASA footage by folks with a bad case of space lust. Some seri­ous­ly space cow­boy good­ness here.

Art, Images, and Design

The inane lyrics of Lady Gaga make a per­fect­ly mar­velous Dr. Seuss-ian non­sense chil­dren’s book. With
vin­tage graph­ics in black and white with blue.

Today’s if I had one-shot-a-week-like-that I’d so hap­py pho­to­graph. The umbrel­la per­fects the image. Max Fomin is some­where in Spain but writ­ing in Russian.

Olaf Hajek’s Antoinettes. A dark, earthy vision of nat­ur­al excess. Many oth­er fine things as well.

Animation and Moving Images

Paint, and sound. Add a cou­ple of cam­eras, and a turn table with a fierce rota­tion, et vio­la, a nifty ad cam­paign for print­ers. It’s so sim­ple and it’s so stunning.

These are so sweet, and so awe­some and so just right. The cut-out ani­ma­tions for the film of Le Petit Nico­las. (1:57, nice music)

Morning Linkage (Nov 1)


I’m not actu­al­ly that fond of the Triumph/Indian/Whathaveyou vin­tage bob­ber idea. So the Royal-Enfield item does­n’t do it for me. But some of the detail­ing and engrav­ing on this machine are awesome.

1962 CZ 175 Type 450. Show­ing how old school bikes were adapt­ed for dirt. Back before there were “dirt bikes”

I shall now die ful­filled. Mercedes-Benz, AMG and Ducati togeth­er at last.

This weird lit­tle bike is based, loose­ly, on a Ducati. Well done, or just ran­dom? discuss.


#16 — a snow crys­tal. Wow. And there’s the new to me Orna­men­tal Baboon Taran­tu­la. Big pic­tures of the small world.

Air­plane food sucks because you can’t hear your­self think. Okay that’s inter­est­ing, but it does­n’t help does it?

Art, Images, and Design

An inter­est­ing attempt to change up the usu­al (fail­ing) inter­face for door open­ers. Can we stop peo­ple push­ing when they should pull and pulling when they should push? Maybe.

Cars 2 com­ing next sum­mer from Pixar. It’s a spy sto­ry? Check out the logo reveal on the offi­cial YouTube chan­nel. And there’s a web­site — of course. I hope it’s worth the hype. Pixar is awful­ly close to becom­ing pre­dictable. And that would be sad.

The adven­ture game Machi­nar­i­um (Amani­ta Design) was a mini-hit in 2009. Now if you want to have your own lit­tle robot you can. Paper­craft score!

Abstract pat­terns com­bined to cre­ate a fox on a wall. Philippe Baude­locque does some fine work in Paris. His per­son­al web­site has an awful mov­ing back­ground.

Morning Linkage (Jul 16)


Built as a cus­tom in 1936 this Hen­der­son is Art-Deco in all it’s black, shiny, curvy, swoop­ing glo­ry. Just don’t look at the last shot of the bike being rid­den — it’s actu­al­ly an ungain­ly midget. Le sigh.

For the junior set or aspir­ing moto design­ers and col­orists. The Ducati col­or­ing book. Print and scribble.

Nice bike. Wicked graph­ics. Match­ing hel­met. Roy­al Enfield.

1938 OEC Com­man­der. Today’s looker.


These lit­tle handy things come up every Christ­mas in the Lee Val­ley tools cat­a­log. A bet­ter pock­et screw­driv­er. No more hop­ing that the dime fits in the slot or that a quar­ter will give you enough grip­ping pow­er for that stub­born bolt.

Food and Design

The idea of a gourmet scoop­ing ketchup is, well, so damned food­ie. And the pack­ag­ing plays just the right note.

It’s fresh fruit and veg­etable time. Most pro­duce now arrives at the gro­cery store in anony­mous, waxed card­board crates, but that was­n’t always so. Ani­malar­i­um gives us a help­ing of the clever­est ani­mal themed labels. Tons more.

Art, Images, and Design

More from Yuko. The illus­tra­tions from The Beau­ti­ful and the Grotesque are enough to make you buy the book. The jack­et back blurb will clinch the deal.

Not sure who or what just yet, but this is fab abstract street art from Italy.

Any­where but here (Hous­ton.)

New images for Edward Gorey’s Ghast­ly Crumb Tinies and a cou­ple of new tinies. (One of these is NSFW if you squint real hard.)

Total Weirdness (and hotness)

Some­how you all seemed to have missed the “hot viral awe­some­ness” of the Old Spice Cam­paign; maybe that’s for the best. That’s okay, I watched a bunch for you. And so did the love­ly dudes and dudettes at TwoWheels. The open­er (with the bike at the end)  and a cou­ple of the bike based call and response replies. Oh, yes I do want to be some­one’s  sen­su­al bike friend of romance.

Morning Linkage (May 18)


I’m not sure why you’d con­vert a ’73 TX650 to a mono­shock rear but I’m mad for the paint scheme. Tres chic.

Okay, this is weird. A cus­tom shop in Italy that builds on mod­ern Roy­al Enfields. Italy, India, exot­ic? (Roy­al McQueen)

One of the nicest look­ing motard con­cepts I’ve seen (this week). Ober­dan Bezzi does Bimota.

Society, Culture, and Literature

There­fore Repent! is a post-rapture graph­ic nov­el. What if after the rap­ture the world con­tin­ues along it’s mer­ry way, except that some­things are a lit­tle odd, like mag­ic starts to work? And then there are the aveng­ing angels… The link is to the .pdf.  Alter­na­tive for­mats avail­able as well.  Where they’re talk­ing about the next nov­el in the series. By Jim Munro and Sal­go­od Sam.

A hand­ful of draw­ings for inven­tions that we don’t know we need. Auto-abandonment zones being the first of sev­er­al good ideas.

Science, Technology, and Gadgets

Thank heav­en for Wired sci­ence. Tak­ing the inter­est­ing things stuck behind Nature’s pay-wall and bring­ing them out for the rest of us to see.

Net­works are gen­er­al­ly resilient, that’s why they devel­op. But what hap­pens if you net­work net­works? You get frag­ile. A recent report in Nature demon­strate this with exam­ples from the Ital­ian pow­er grid fail­ure and stock mar­kets crash in 1987.

Art, Images, and Design

A cam­era, some paper, and a pen­cil. Over­laid real­i­ties that act as x‑rays into the world we don’t quite live in.

A boat load of images of the Vir­gin or some­thing like her. Many tak­en from the cock-odd world of fash­ion styling. The zom­bie expres­sion on the face of the sec­ond LaCroix bride would scare any man away from the altar. Blas­phe­my abounds, but don’t skip it. There are trea­sures like the images by Lor­ri Lip­ton and Ron English.

Sam Brew­ster rocks a cool style that hints at hav­ing used a lot of mark­ers grow­ing up. Com­mer­cial work that comes with a sense of humor built in. I swear that fish is grimacing.

off you go my freaky darlings.

Morning Linkage (Apr 19)


Rid­ing the Tiger Shi­va. Rotax engine, six for­ward gears, fan­cy met­al work, and you can ride it. It’s absolute­ly gorgeous.
Videos: The Tiger Walks (Hor­ri­ble music ) and Rid­ing the Tiger (You can hear the rotax putt-putt)

It’s a trail­er, for a movie, about rid­ing Roy­al Enfields in India. 2 Roues Sinon Rien. (two wheels or noth­ing) Yeah,  it’s in French. Maybe they’ll sub­ti­tle the flic? Do not miss the danc­ing camel.

The title says it all “Vin­cent Lust.” Desk­top wor­thy B&W pho­tos of a nice example.


Science and Technology

Ball bear­ings are every­where. I found a nice­ly illus­trat­ed essay on how they are made. The process is both sim­pler and more com­plex that I had imagined.


Art, Images, and Design

Two bev­er­age pack­ag­ing sets from the win­ners of this year’s Dieline deign competition.

Clever return to a clas­sic image. Coke. Love the soda cup design.

A nice­ly coher­ent brand ID for a win­ery but each pack­age stands on its own as well. Expect maybe the High Roller cab. It’s too min­i­mal for my taste. (Tobac­co Jaqk Cel­lars)

A hand­ful of cov­ers from the Swiss mag­a­zine Graphis. Graphis pub­lished the lat­est in graph­ics and graph­ic design for 60 years (1944–2004)

Paper feath­ers arranged in sin­u­ous shapes. These Kate McGuire sculp­tures sug­gest both flight and captivity.

…and here we are again