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Morning Linkage (Nov 1)


I’m not actu­al­ly that fond of the Triumph/Indian/Whathaveyou vin­tage bob­ber idea. So the Royal-Enfield item does­n’t do it for me. But some of the detail­ing and engrav­ing on this machine are awesome.

1962 CZ 175 Type 450. Show­ing how old school bikes were adapt­ed for dirt. Back before there were “dirt bikes”

I shall now die ful­filled. Mercedes-Benz, AMG and Ducati togeth­er at last.

This weird lit­tle bike is based, loose­ly, on a Ducati. Well done, or just ran­dom? discuss.


#16 — a snow crys­tal. Wow. And there’s the new to me Orna­men­tal Baboon Taran­tu­la. Big pic­tures of the small world.

Air­plane food sucks because you can’t hear your­self think. Okay that’s inter­est­ing, but it does­n’t help does it?

Art, Images, and Design

An inter­est­ing attempt to change up the usu­al (fail­ing) inter­face for door open­ers. Can we stop peo­ple push­ing when they should pull and pulling when they should push? Maybe.

Cars 2 com­ing next sum­mer from Pixar. It’s a spy sto­ry? Check out the logo reveal on the offi­cial YouTube chan­nel. And there’s a web­site — of course. I hope it’s worth the hype. Pixar is awful­ly close to becom­ing pre­dictable. And that would be sad.

The adven­ture game Machi­nar­i­um (Amani­ta Design) was a mini-hit in 2009. Now if you want to have your own lit­tle robot you can. Paper­craft score!

Abstract pat­terns com­bined to cre­ate a fox on a wall. Philippe Baude­locque does some fine work in Paris. His per­son­al web­site has an awful mov­ing back­ground.

Morning Linkage (Oct 26)


Want a lit­tle mys­tery to pon­der today? How about get­ting to the bot­tom of this MV Augus­ta 60cc Monomo­to Super­leg­gera. Trag­ic Ital­ian opera? Wacky art project? Total BS? Keep looking.

Head­line — 60 Years on Jaguar Sexy C‑Type Still Seduces — and here are the pic­tures to prove it. Hon­est­ly is there any­thing sex­i­er on 4 wheels?

Start in Philade­phia — end up in New Zealand. Plan on about a month of trav­el time. Telas­tar logis­tics will get you start­ed by point­ing you to Justin Wat­t’s con­tain­er ship trav­el FAQ and toss in a cou­ple of pics of the journey.


The old Riv­er Cross­ing Puz­zle giv­en a new set of char­ac­ters and rules that come from a more mod­ern per­spec­tive. Played with life-size pieces and real world rules.  An inter­ac­tive instal­la­tion by Ahmet Ogut.

Art, Images, and Design

There are a hand­ful of excel­lent pho­tographs in this intro­duc­tion to the Fac­ing Change pho­to­graph­ic project. Based on the founders’ desire to cre­ate a pub­lic col­lec­tion of images that illus­trate our times in the man­ner of the FSA (Farm Secu­ri­ty Admin­is­tra­tion) projects of the 30’s but with­out polit­i­cal ties.

So, is this archi­tec­tures? Sculp­ture? Col­lage? Paper­craft? Don’t know, don’t care. You must spend time with the images and nar­ra­tive descrip­tion of “The Migra­tion of Mel and Judith” a trav­el­ogue built into a “self-enclosed curl­ing world of the lamp­shade”… which … “adds a won­der­ful­ly anti-perspectival, frilly con­cav­i­ty to the cou­ple’s journey.”

And if Mel and Judith was­n’t enough for you, you can move along and explore Thomas Hillier’s more recent work “The Emper­or’s Cas­tle” A vague­ly creepy, organ­i­cal­ly extrav­a­gant, origa­mi inspired pop-up book.