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Random Linkage (July 27)

A real­ly love­ly lit­tle side­car rig. Hon­da CB550. The rebuild is appro­pri­ate for the era and the paint is so sweet.

very nice sidecar

lit­tle CB550 makes a great tug for this lit­tle chair

via: Bike­EXIF

A look inside the mind of builder Dustin Kott. Cafe Rac­ers from vin­tage Japan­ese bikes. By Bene­dict Campbell.

via: Return of the Cafe Racers



From Emi­ly Car­rol who does dream­like comics and sto­ries. a tale of sil­very hair and a cov­etous crow. Anu-Anulan and Yir’s Daugh­ter.

Anu-anuland and Yir's Daughter

Anu-Anulan and Yir’s Daughter



Cut paper, pop-up books, and pro­ject­ed lights & images, bring Ice Book to chill­ing life. This video gives you an idea of what the piece looks like in per­son and how it is cre­at­ed. Davy and Kristin McGuire.


via: Coil­house

Random Linkage (July 17)

Vil­lagers! vikings! Cas­tles, swords, and … dinosaurs? Dinosaur Bat­tle Town, Eddie West­’s 4th year project will thrill the 4 year-old boy in everyone.Yeah, it remind­ed me of Howl’s Mov­ing Cas­tle just a lit­tle too.



The effec­tive­ness of sim­ple mate­ri­als used in a clever way. Paper, pens, scis­sors. Not to men­tion the charm­ing not quite Eng­lish of its creator.

Every cup of cof­fee con­tains its own soul, extract­ed from your feel­ing today.every cup of cof­fee is like a mag­ic show con­tain­ing dif­fer­ent jour­ney and bring­ing the unend­ing imag­i­na­tion and surprises.With a sip of cof­fee, you not only taste your own sto­ry, but also change your per­spec­tive of the world.

Stop motion essence of coffee :)



Expressive - white and blank space.

Sara Burgess



More papery won­der­ful­ness, insects, leaves, and very spe­cial 3‑D forms. Sara Burgess works with white paper and an x‑acto knife.

via: Oh So Beau­ti­ful Paper

Morning Linkage (Feb 8)


I’m not a fan of chop­pers — it’s a style I just don’t get. But ZZ Chop is true to his roots and does graph­ics with a dis­tinc­tive chop­per ethos. Great, grungy, retro work.

Mak­ing a scram­bler out of an old­er BMW RT is cool. Though I won­der a lit­tle about bash­ing through the woods on any­thing with that kind of width :) The quote from the Cycle Mag­a­zine explain­ing the 70’s BWM nomen­cla­ture and the rela­tion­ship between the var­i­ous bikes in the line is priceless.

Planes and bikes. A love­ly lit­tle blue and white piper cub and an equal­ly sweet blue and white Pass­port. (Yeah it’s just a nice pic. Sooth­ing even.)


Gyro­dactylids. Par­a­sitic flat worms liv­ing on fish. Cut paper ani­ma­tion and nest­ing dolls? As always Crea­ture Cast shows you some­thing you would­n’t come across in your dai­ly read­ing of the news. (And pro­vides great exam­ples of ama­teur ani­ma­tion used as a learn­ing tool.)

Art, Images, and Design

Faces in objects, found and enhanced by Flix. Bright mecha-man goodness.

Swoon is an Amer­i­can girl in Paris and she takes us on a night-time ram­ble to install one of her wheat paste posters. Her life-size images of peo­ple stand up well to the back­ground noise of Paris.

Snip­pets (SFW) of clas­si­cal paint­ings enlarged and past­ed into new but entire­ly appro­pri­ate con­texts. Zil­da.  More (some NSFW.)

Large scale, par­tial images, hints of a sto­ry yet untold. Mesa works up some faces on a ruined wall some­where in rur­al Spain.

keep calm and car­ry on

Morning Linkage (Jan 17)


Con­tem­plat­ing the changes in the cul­ture of rac­ing and rule mak­ing. Reims in ’54 the return of the Mer­cedes and a grid full of indi­vid­u­al­is­tic machines.

Real­ly I spoil you all. I should be look­ing these bikes up and dol­ing them out one at a time. But what the hel­lz. A bonan­za bou­quet of old (real­ly old) bikes at the Bon­ham’s Las Vegas auc­tion. Munch Mam­mut, an H‑D Peashoot­er from a mine in West­ern Aus­tralia, and my fav the Indi­an Camelback.


Jog­ging, not just hat­ed exer­cise but per­haps an adap­tive evo­lu­tion­ary advan­tage? Some­thing called endurance hunt­ing may have been an impor­tant fac­tor in the suc­cess of our ances­tors. Oh hell, pass the fries.

I’m going to lose big kar­ma points for post­ing this but… cats con­fused about what’s up and what’s down in weight­less­ness. On video.

Art, Images, and Design

Paper — cut and lay­ered by Brit­te­ny Lee. Her ani­mals always have way too much personality.

Impul­sive kiss­es. Giv­en on a street cor­ner. Paint­ed on a street cor­ner. C215 and, prob­a­bly, his girl Alice.

Betray­ing a sense of the del­i­ca­cy of the divide between humans and their fel­lows that is far more sophis­ti­cat­ed than you expect from a 21 year old. Russ­ian artist Eugene Soloviev cre­ates stripped-down float­ing landscapes.


Street art, meets stop-motion, meets flip-book. 294 walls, 4 cities, 3000 kilo­me­ters. Think about what that means. Think about how the vid ends. By the Turk­ish group, Sokak Savasa Kar­si.  (Video 1:30 — music)

hap­py Mon­day y’all

Morning Linkage (Nov 12)


Way too much of the report­ing done on Wired’s Auto­topia blog is auto­mo­tive indus­try due dili­gence. Even the writ­ers sound a bit dazed by all the cute lit­tle urban com­muter and eVe­hi­cle fluff late­ly. But once in a while they strike gold. On the occa­sion of what would have been his 100th birth­day they pub­lished this fab air­borne pho­to of  Georg “Schorsch” Meier at the 1939 Isle of Mann TT.

Dear heav­ens the boys over at Christies’ cat­a­log depart­ment are hav­ing fun with this bike auc­tion. “…com­plete the trans­for­ma­tion and end up with a cafe-racer ne plus ultra, a gen­uine road-going Manx Nor­ton with lit­er­ary prove­nance…” Hen­ry Man­ning III’s Nor­ton Manx is for sale. (Along with a few oth­er trea­sures from his son’s shed.)

I try, I real­ly try to ele­vate the lev­el of this blog — but some days…  so here it is a fan­ci­ful design for a space going vehi­cle for hon­ey­moon­ers. Sex in space. I know you all want it. (NSFW)

Inexplicable Culture.

The Lying Down Game.

Art, Images, and Design

Total­ly charm­ing. Cut paper sil­hou­ettes of two peo­ple on bicy­cles. Oth­er vehi­cles, ani­mals, map parts, and mus­tach­es too.

Verve. No, not the record com­pa­ny, the mag­a­zine: French 1950’s. Joan Miro — The Dog Bark­ing at the Moon. One of the strangest sil­li­est, most won­der­ful prints ever. In the same issue a Cha­gall (meh), a Matisse col­lage (ooh), and  Leg­er (Leg­er always con­fus­es me.)


Yes, I’m late with it but I can’t resist show­ing you this love­ly lit­tle snip­pet. The offi­cial ani­ma­tion for Inter­na­tion­al Ani­ma­tion Day. Reminds me of explod­ing­dog cartoons.

In the Begin­ning. Anoth­er look at Gen­e­sis, with a sense of  humor and bet­ter voic­es by Katie Wendt. (NSFW — Adam is naked)

git out­ta here — the week is done.

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