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Morning Linkage (Nov 11)

Transportation — Pretty Bike Thursday

I do not have the time to crawl through the moun­tain­ous pile of images on ADV Rid­er. Luck­i­ly I have friends who do. MV Augus­ta 750S.

Anoth­er bit of his­to­ry goes up for auc­tion.  Bob­by Sirkegian’s 1953 Tri­umph drag rac­er “Pret­ty Boy II

A nice lit­tle RD400 cus­tom. Noth­ing extra, just enough to make it sweet. Nice resurrection.


I have a lot of pho­tog­ra­phers among my read­ers. So the occa­sion­al pho­to­graph­ic DIY is always wel­come. Maybe you all would like to learn a lit­tle about cap­tur­ing images of the sun? Wired Sci­ence brings you the sto­ry and tech­niques behind Alan Fried­man’s mind blow­ing sun photo.

Art, Images, and Design

Not your dad­dy’s Dis­ney. Four great muta­tions of the Mouse and the Duck. Then four rather dull and pre­dictable waifish girls. And then… then, Odo cre­ates some Ben­der fabulousness.

Paco Pomet’s quirky, spooky paint­ings. Click around a bit. You’ll espe­cial­ly like Fab­u­la (far right col­umn — 4th down.)

Vincent.zp is a fan of pack­ag­ing and indus­tri­al design. Among his many col­lec­tions is a Flickr stream of face pow­der box­es. Calm, love­ly pack­ag­ing for a prod­uct not often seen today. The Three Flow­ers box was post­ed on Amy Cre­hore’s blog last week. And the masked char­ac­ter on this box of Cipria Masche­ri­na is my cur­rent favorite. There are dozens of oth­er inspir­ing images to found here.


God, I hate OK GO music, but seri­ous­ly, ani­ma­tion on toast. It can’t fail. Bonus fish play­ing a guitar.

I’m off to be very cul­tured (Picas­so exhib­it, din­ner date, and then the sym­pho­ny) behave your­selves while I’m out.

Morning Linkage (Nov 2)


New nom­i­nee for the ugli­est bike ever. White, chopped to bits, and oh dear god fug­ly.

I often point the moto-heads in my crowd to arti­cles at Hell for Leather. Here Bike­EXIF talks to one half of the Hell for Leather team. Wes Siler. (A lit­tle fluffy, but there you have it.)

I have no idea, but these are the best tin-toy bikes I’ve ever seen.

Yes? No? 1970’s Bon­neville.

Information in Words and Pictures

Visu­al­ly pre­sen­ta­tion of sim­ple facts. Africa is big­ger than the Unit­ed States, India, and Chi­na com­bined. Enough big­ger to have room for France, Spain, Italy, Ger­many, Italy, and most of east­ern Europe and still not full. I was sur­prised to find the Japan is near­ly as big as Italy. I think of Japan as being very small and crowded.

I have, over the years, bought many of the print­ed bound col­lec­tions of the Paris Review’s inter­views with authors. Now you can read all of them. (from the 1950 on) Your favorite author is like­ly to be here some­where and the chances of dis­cov­er­ing an author you’d like to read more of is pret­ty dan­ged high. (via lisa gold)

Art, Images, and Design

I love these Nordic mon­sters drawn on a sim­ple post-it. Espe­cial­ly the rein­deer peo­ple he post­ed on Sept 7th. John Kenn

Oh lordy, more Japan­ese folk­lore mon­sters. This time ghost sto­ries with a more mod­ern feel and paint­ed by Matthew Mey­er. Can’t get enough of this stuff.

Today’s visu­al inspi­ra­tion — vin­tage house­hold prod­ucts pack­ag­ing. What can you make out of teal, mus­tard, and brown? Oh, and ser­ifs. I miss serifs.


I went from this annoy­ing inter­net meme. (Bat­man and kit­tens ) to the Vimeo port­fo­lio of the cre­ator Pol­ly Guo. and found this. Maybe the guy’s ex-girlfriend had a point about  the sea mon­sters?

Morning Linkage (Jun 16)

Trans­porta­tion — Com­ing Attractions

Hand-crafters Mor­gan Motor com­pa­ny will be unveil­ing anoth­er sports car in August at Peb­ble Beach. So far all we have is a over­ly processed pho­to of a sil­hou­ette. The EvaGT. Might want.

Pret­ty girls and motor­cy­cles. In this case a love­ly Swedish builder and the quest to build the fastest elec­tric bike.

Builder’s Corner

Speak­ing of build­ing things. One of the sweet­est tools you can have in any shop that works with met­al is a Bev­er­ly Shear. On the Most Want­ed list of every sil­ver­smith and anoth­er case of the real deal being worth the real dollars.

Art, Images, and Design

Turn of the (last) cen­tu­ry design can feel utter­ly mod­ern even 100 years lat­er. This serv­ing bas­ket by Ger­man sil­ver­smith Josef Hoff­man is a fine example

Seems I’m on a cut the mate­r­i­al to make the design roll so, die-cut but­ter­fly sil­hou­ettes. Black and orange. Very luxe choco­late packaging.

Photographs of Places

From the Big Pic­ture. Argenti­na cel­e­brates her bicen­ten­ni­al. Col­or, motion, pageantry, mem­o­ry. (Yes it’s a lit­tle late but dang — fine images.)

Dry glass plate neg­a­tives. An old fash­ioned, out of date, archa­ic medi­um for cap­tur­ing pho­tographs. And that might be a cry­ing shame. I dare you to click ‘View full size’ below this pho­to­graph of the West­ing­house Air-Brake plant from 1905. Be pre­pared to scroll across your multi-monitor set­up to see all the detail. Dear god, you can count the bricks.

off to be not working

Morning Linkage (May 28)


Your leathers might seem like a good idea for the slip and slide or the big water park rides but… maybe not.  JL proves that remov­ing your pro­tec­tive cloth­ing before jump­ing in that lake might be a good idea. (Gallery at the bot­tom of the page — for giggles)

You can buy a lit­tle gas engine and make a rat­ty old Schwinn look like a rad board-tracker. And get to work for cheap.

I had nev­er heard of the Brock­house Cor­gi. Now that I’ve seen these pic­tures I want one. At least I want the dress.

Society, Culture, and Buildings

Mak­ing yours just a lit­tle big­ger than the oth­er guys has been going on for eons. First it was fire pits and mid­dens, then cathe­drals and cas­tles. Now it’s most­ly office build­ings. Bet­ting on which is the biggest is per­haps a close sec­ond favorite. Do not make bets with black­dog­prod (no rela­tion) about tallest build­ings. He wrote the book, or more exact­ly the Google Earth hack.

Art, Images, and Design

Wait, wait. There was a nation­al sta­tion­ary show? And I missed it? Waaah­h­hh. Pop­pytalk pro­vides a nice run down and hap­pi­ly, for me at least, tons of pic­tures of very well done let­ter­press work.

I espe­cial­ly love these from Iron and Ink.

Bread and cook­ies. Yum­my to eat. And this plas­tic bag design reminds you of that. Love the grin­ny mouth.


Ian Wor­rel’s work is moody and dense. Med­i­ta­tions on con­se­quences and redemp­tion in a few col­ors and sim­ple shapes. Icarus and the Tree Herder (3:17 — Music)( is short­er and sly­er. Sec­ond Wind (6:35 — Music) is longer and makes its more com­plex point slowly.

and you’ve wast­ed anoth­er per­fect­ly good week with…

the mag­pie.

Morning Linkage (Apr 20)


Very pret­ty bicy­cles.

A love­ly, par­tial­ly built out Tri­umph Scram­bler. Clean look­ing and I like the low­er look.

One of the women in my stone set­ting class is Aus­tri­an. We had a gig­gle the oth­er day nam­ing Aus­tri­an motor­cy­cle com­pa­nies that no one else in the class had ever heard of — all of them — and then rem­i­nisc­ing about the lit­tle Puch mope­ds.

Some damned sil­ly stunt­ing on 99 between Eugene and Junc­tion City. In, um, 1938. Sweet­ness. (Music)


Food and Packaging

Choco­late is good. The odd­ly uneven break-lines on the Bold bar are fun. The orange peel in dark choco­late just begs for taste test­ing. The white choco­late with green tea is utter­ly unap­pe­tiz­ing even if the pack­age is pretty.


Art, Images, and Design

Illus­tra­tor Iv Irlov’s work is famil­iar to many mag­a­zine read­ers. Here’s a selec­tion of his most recent images. I love the stomp­ing robots he did for CEO Magazine.

Read­ing is dan­ger­ous. Just how dan­ger­ous is shown in these post­cards from Joost Swarte. Hap­py Tin-Tin feel­ing to the images.

I have no idea what’s tem­po­rary about Gideon Chase’s tem­po­rary blog but I love his work. Things are always bro­ken. Inter­est­ing­ly broken.

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