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Morning Linkage (Nov 23)


Just in case any of you thinks that this gig is all about spend­ing the day look­ing at pret­ty bikes and enjoy­ing adult bev­er­ages. I’d like to give you a lit­tle look into the prob­lems of shiny hunt­ing. Scott over at Pipeburn shares a hand­ful of pic­tures that he’s been hang­ing onto because he does­n’t have enough info to post them. (And his ace read­ers get the goods for him on two out four — go read­ers!) A Guzzi, 2 BMWs and a Sportster.

I’m unde­cid­ed about this cus­tom bike with a Buell motor. The frame is unique enough to pull in my eye and the exe­cu­tion is top-notch. But hey the motor’s gonna have to be changed. The spud.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Is that a Tony Kart chassis?

Art, Images, and Design

Yuko got to do a cov­er illo for the NYT Review of Books. The Kei­th Richards cov­er. Wow.

Etch-a-Sketch, sports fig­ures.  ’nuff said. (Mak­ing of videos too.)

30 year-old Jung-Yeon Min paints peo­ple in the every­day world with the sur­re­al land­scape of the human soul on the edge of break­ing through.(NSFW — artis­tic nudes)

Animation and CGI

Is this real­ly all CGI? Reli­able sources say it is.

This just makes me hap­py. I hope it makes you hap­py too. Bet­ty Boop does the hula. Bam­boo Isle. If you want the full meal deal (with some fab Hawai­ian music) and have 8 min­utes you can watch the low-res ver­sion of the com­plete film here. Is Bet­ty SFW?

sled­ding and hot choco­late today?

Morning Linkage (Jul 27)


So much train awe­some­ness — pages and pages. Some high­lights… retro-futuristic designs, and mod­ern reuse of old­er engines. Oh, and the pigs let­ting them­selves off at the station.

Anoth­er xs650 bob­ber. Sub­tle details in the body work. Close to perfection.

Rid­den in the dirt. Nuff said.


Fried egg jel­ly­fish. The bane of my child­hood. But pret­ty dan­ged cool when giv­en the Creature-cast treatment.

Remem­ber the siphonophores from a while back? Did you know that they fig­ured in naval war­fare. Hid­ing a sub­ma­rine beneath a raft of crea­tures that sonar can’t see but can’t see through.

Art, Images, and Design

This year’s rice pad­dy art from Japan. Amaz­ing what you can do with a lit­tle plan­ning and some vari­eties of rice.

It ain’t for noth­ing that I’m known as Mizz. Shoes. This Jere­my Scott design stopped me dead in my tracks.

MOMA mul­ti­me­dia pre­sen­ta­tion for “Matisse: The Rad­i­cal Inven­tion 1913–1917″ Pic­tures and com­men­tary for most of the paint­ings and draw­ings in the exhibit.

More from Yuko. The illus­tra­tions from The Beau­ti­ful and the Grotesque are enough to make you buy the book. The jack­et back blurb will clinch the deal.

now go do some­thing wonderful

Morning Linkage (Jul 16)


Built as a cus­tom in 1936 this Hen­der­son is Art-Deco in all it’s black, shiny, curvy, swoop­ing glo­ry. Just don’t look at the last shot of the bike being rid­den — it’s actu­al­ly an ungain­ly midget. Le sigh.

For the junior set or aspir­ing moto design­ers and col­orists. The Ducati col­or­ing book. Print and scribble.

Nice bike. Wicked graph­ics. Match­ing hel­met. Roy­al Enfield.

1938 OEC Com­man­der. Today’s looker.


These lit­tle handy things come up every Christ­mas in the Lee Val­ley tools cat­a­log. A bet­ter pock­et screw­driv­er. No more hop­ing that the dime fits in the slot or that a quar­ter will give you enough grip­ping pow­er for that stub­born bolt.

Food and Design

The idea of a gourmet scoop­ing ketchup is, well, so damned food­ie. And the pack­ag­ing plays just the right note.

It’s fresh fruit and veg­etable time. Most pro­duce now arrives at the gro­cery store in anony­mous, waxed card­board crates, but that was­n’t always so. Ani­malar­i­um gives us a help­ing of the clever­est ani­mal themed labels. Tons more.

Art, Images, and Design

More from Yuko. The illus­tra­tions from The Beau­ti­ful and the Grotesque are enough to make you buy the book. The jack­et back blurb will clinch the deal.

Not sure who or what just yet, but this is fab abstract street art from Italy.

Any­where but here (Hous­ton.)

New images for Edward Gorey’s Ghast­ly Crumb Tinies and a cou­ple of new tinies. (One of these is NSFW if you squint real hard.)

Total Weirdness (and hotness)

Some­how you all seemed to have missed the “hot viral awe­some­ness” of the Old Spice Cam­paign; maybe that’s for the best. That’s okay, I watched a bunch for you. And so did the love­ly dudes and dudettes at TwoWheels. The open­er (with the bike at the end)  and a cou­ple of the bike based call and response replies. Oh, yes I do want to be some­one’s  sen­su­al bike friend of romance.

Morning Linkage (Apr 26)


There is very lit­tle infor­ma­tion on the bike in this pic­ture but the set­ting — BBQ and the pho­tos are nice. A Ducati cafe rac­er. But which one?  The paint looks real­is­ti­cal­ly, well, rough. But would some­one please aim the headlight?

I’ll make it 2‑fer Guzzi Monday

Moto Guzzi Le Mans — sub­tle silver.

Moto Guzzi Con­dor — arrest me red.  Mind bog­gling mechanicals.

Science and Pretty Girls

What are we cut­tle­fish? Isabel­la Rosselli­ni is back with more paper cre­ations and crea­tures to explain the world of sex­u­al repro­duc­tion. Seduce Me sea­son 1 begins with — Cut­tle­fish.


How to eat a cup­cake. I know you think you don’t need instruc­tions. You need these instructions.

More cup­cakes. Cup­cakes, cup­cakes, cup­cakes. Been done to death so what can I pos­si­bly have come up with that would jus­ti­fy anoth­er post on cup­cakes? Mup­pet wed­ding cake — that’s what.

Art, Images, and Design

Any of you that have been involved in the com­mer­cial design world will remem­ber, fond­ly or not, crits. Well, here’s one you might have enjoyed par­tic­i­pat­ing in. The sum­ma­ry of couch forts as archi­tec­ture.

John Burge makes inti­mate por­traits in either water­col­or or oil. Old school paint­ing. Just like life, some images are NSFW.

Yuko Shimizu is draw­ing for Ver­ti­go (DC Comics) again, anoth­er cov­er for Unwrit­ten. This stand­alone edi­tion deliv­ers a fairy-tale world with a dark preda­tor. As usu­al her post has lots of in process scans of the work, some edi­to­r­i­al changes, and snaps of her visu­al ref­er­ence material.

march­ing on…

Morning Linkage (Mar 23)


Re the TTXGP shift to trust/co-op struc­ture for the sanc­tion­ing body.
Giv­ing the teams own­er­ship of the series. Bril­liant or bound to fail?

HD to return to pri­vate own­er­ship with the help of pri­vate equi­ty firm
KKR? More than a week lat­er HOG stock prices are still enjoy­ing the
rumor based bounce.

Mean­while, in Italy Ducati and Piag­gio are rumored to be think­ing about
join­ing forces.

Doing up an old bike, Montes­sa Scor­pi­on. Late 60s.

The newest Ford Police Inter­cep­tor comes at you in 2011/2012. Nice illo of
the front light pat­tern. Com­mit this to mem­o­ry. There will be a quiz.


Science and Tech

New col­or cod­ed image shows where all the space dust lives. The
resem­blance to cir­rus clouds is amaz­ing.  Pure space pr0n.


Tools and Gadgets

Most of the met­al I work with is non-ferrous. But if you spend a lot
of time fish­ing for small bits and parts while wrench­ing, you might
want one of  these handy mag­net­ic wrist bands.


Art, Images, and Design

Seri­ous­ly, which movie/TV ver­sions of com­ic book char­ac­ters have had
the best inter­pre­ta­tions of the heroes cos­tumes? Do *not* skip the

A nice bio/obit of the illus­tra­tor Robert McCall whose images of space
and the future you’ve all seen. He cre­at­ed posters for 2001: A Space

Yuko Shimizu drew a cov­er for the ‘Now Hear This’ free­bie CD each month
for The Word mag­a­zine. the assign­ment recent­ly end­ed and she’s posted
a good hand­ful of her favorites. Girls with musi­cal imple­ments. I love
the play lists.

Thanks for wait­ing so patient­ly for Morn­ing Link­age to resume.