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Morning Linkage (Oct 25)


Hell for Leather dug in and got the details on the new hel­met design that has been ping-ponging around the inter­net. The tech­ni­cal details of Del Rosar­i­o’s hel­met are a lot more inter­est­ing than the space ranger looks. (Del Rosario home page.)

Anoth­er damned CB450 that I want. Dime City Cycles are evil. This is the one they built for the Dis­cov­ery Chan­nel spe­cial. They have oth­ers

Pho­tographs from the French fac­to­ry of Patrick Godet — where the Egli-Vincent is produced.

More on Godet-Vincent. Is this awe­some ded­i­ca­tion to recre­at­ing an impor­tant piece of bike his­to­ry? Or an attempt to milk a few more dol­lars out of some­one else’s cre­ation? I can’t say.


Oh heav­ens, how won­der­ful. An entire blog of car­toon cook­ing instruc­tions. Eas­i­ly leap­ing over the lan­guage bar­ri­er. Alya Mark is good.

And she’ll show you how to make a cake box out of tag board.


I am not always a fan of the reviews and inter­views at Spike mag­a­zine. But with 600 pages worth to choose from you will prob­a­bly find some­thing  you’d like to read in this col­lec­tion of essays, inter­views, and reviews.

Art, Images, and Design

Kinet­ic paper-works. Mechani­Cards are 3‑D build-it-yourself won­ders. (Or you can buy one already made up — but where’s the fun in that?) The sec­ond print­ing of the rotary engine is sure to sell out quick­ly. So get on with it.

Excel­lent lin­ear illus­tra­tions in pri­ma­ry col­ors. Andrew Paw­ley put new work up on Hire-an-Illustrator. Too many won­der­ful things to choose from. Try these.  Bath­tub, Cos­mo­naut, Oiseau.

Play­ing with Light. Short ani­ma­tion with a real sto­ry. A boy, his robot, and a lit­tle trip out to get sup­plies. Nice sound­track as well. (Video 4:00)

get mov­ing peo­ple, it’s Monday :)

Morning Linkage (Jun 3)


Ryca CS1 — what your Suzu­ki S40 is going to be when it grows up. Ryca’s own flash encum­bered site.

Pret­ty girls and motor­cy­cles. This time with his­to­ry of Chi­nese cin­e­ma added.

A cut away illo and some pho­tos of the Vin­cent Nero/Super Nero. The naked shot is out­right frightening.

Tech and Gadgets

The ulti­mate shop door? Well it’s the bitchin’-est hangar door I’ve ever seen. Though it looks more like the local feed store than a house…

Have you ever cal­cu­lat­ed the cost of that week­ly staff meet­ing? Do you know what it costs to let Dave from account­ing blath­er on for an extra 12 min­utes? TIM will do the math for you, in real time.

Art, Images, and Design

I love com­ing across an artist   whose work can make me both very gig­gly hap­py. See the lit­tle bird rock­er about half way down. And fore­head wrin­kling puz­zled. The sheep in NY — um, that’s not even…  Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne.

Extra­or­di­nary images of Venice. Liq­uid and mys­te­ri­ous. Giuseppe Desideri. (Most effec­tive as a slide show.)

Friday Animation

The sur­re­al Zay­atz and Volk. Russ­ian kid­die car­toon­ing from the 70s/80s era. The com­men­tary is almost as whacked as the cartoon.

did you know that ‘play’ is the one key off on the right hand typo for ‘okay’?

Morning Linkage (May 17)


Pho­tog­ra­phers Guer­ry and Prat (no web­site yet) are mak­ing very spe­cial por­traits of very spe­cial bikes. This Vin­cent Rapid is swoon worthy.

Equal­ly black and ele­gant look­ing is this ’68 CB450 K1 also shot by Guer­ry and Prat.

Rumor has it… and the prices have been announced. Buell race machines from $16,900. Also “Erik Buell Rac­ing is report­ing that is has a few track­day bikes…” for $10,500 get yours now.

Tech and Gadgets

Code Swarm is a soft­ware project visu­al­iza­tion tool. Not a visu­al­iza­tion of the code, but of the team and it’s func­tion­ing as revealed by the activ­i­ty in the source code con­trol system.

It’s a lit­tle bit out of order, but here’s the code swarm view of the ilomi­lo game devel­op­ment project. If you look down in Art, Images, and Design you can find the trail­er for the game.

Art, Images, and Design

Anamor­phic pub­lic art isn’t new. But the sim­ple, brush-stroke based lines used to cre­ate these illu­sions are so much less aggres­sive and threat­en­ing that the charm just oozes. Toron­to sub­way system.

Ilomi­lo — a new xbox game for the pas­tel rompers set. But oh my the love­ly graph­ics. I got­ta agree with the gent on boing-boing who said he want­ed the flop­py eared dog fish as a plushy toy. Trail­er (Music)

Some­ones very sassy grand­ma. Vin­tage sum­mer photo.

hap­py zom­bie day…

Morning Linkage (Apr 27)


Is this real­ly what it says it is? A Vin­cent drag rac­er? New or old? Dang I love this site for the pics but they have less info than Bike­EXIF. Though the loca­tion is ID’d in the comments.

We’ve all seen the city bus­es and the occa­sion­al hum­mer cov­ered in vinyl graph­ics adver­tis­ing some­thing — usu­al­ly an ener­gy drink. But those cus­tom wrap­pers are com­ing to a car near you. Going to be pop­u­lar with the smug-mobile crowd… and the lit­tle urban deliv­ery van folks.

5 great shots of the best play­ing around at desert rac­ing at  Ocotil­la Wells, CA. Click to en-biggen.


Wild-life pho­tog­ra­phy gets a new gad­get. Beetle­cam - a low to the ground view from Africa. Cam­era, track dri­ven plat­form (the size of a rab­bit), and a warn­ing about things that might be mis­tak­en for a cat toy.


Using flash on your web­site is often scorned as being inac­ces­si­ble and point­less­ly com­plex for no val­ue, but it can be well done. For exam­ple: The $100 bill is has been redesigned and new ver­sions will begin to cir­cu­late in Feb of 2011. You can check out all of the new fea­tures of the $100 bill in this inter­ac­tive app. (Note the easy to link to URL.)

Art, Images, and Design

Richard Kirk’s work is best summed up by the quote that he uses on his front page. “there is no beau­ty that hath not some strange­ness in the pro­por­tion” Sir Frances Bacon (1625) Thin, ethe­re­al, twig­gy human ‑botan­i­cal cross breeds.

Super sat­u­rat­ed pho­tographs. Vivid col­or­ing that push­es the fall into the dere­lic­tion to the foreground.

Micheal Quigg has a good eye for less beat­en down images as well.  This pho­to of anoth­er pho­tog­ra­ph­er and her grand­child in his cher­ry blos­soms Flick­er set warms the heart.

now get moving…

Morning Linkage (Apr 19)


Rid­ing the Tiger Shi­va. Rotax engine, six for­ward gears, fan­cy met­al work, and you can ride it. It’s absolute­ly gorgeous.
Videos: The Tiger Walks (Hor­ri­ble music ) and Rid­ing the Tiger (You can hear the rotax putt-putt)

It’s a trail­er, for a movie, about rid­ing Roy­al Enfields in India. 2 Roues Sinon Rien. (two wheels or noth­ing) Yeah,  it’s in French. Maybe they’ll sub­ti­tle the flic? Do not miss the danc­ing camel.

The title says it all “Vin­cent Lust.” Desk­top wor­thy B&W pho­tos of a nice example.


Science and Technology

Ball bear­ings are every­where. I found a nice­ly illus­trat­ed essay on how they are made. The process is both sim­pler and more com­plex that I had imagined.


Art, Images, and Design

Two bev­er­age pack­ag­ing sets from the win­ners of this year’s Dieline deign competition.

Clever return to a clas­sic image. Coke. Love the soda cup design.

A nice­ly coher­ent brand ID for a win­ery but each pack­age stands on its own as well. Expect maybe the High Roller cab. It’s too min­i­mal for my taste. (Tobac­co Jaqk Cel­lars)

A hand­ful of cov­ers from the Swiss mag­a­zine Graphis. Graphis pub­lished the lat­est in graph­ics and graph­ic design for 60 years (1944–2004)

Paper feath­ers arranged in sin­u­ous shapes. These Kate McGuire sculp­tures sug­gest both flight and captivity.

…and here we are again