Morning Linkage (Oct 25)

New hel­mets, old CB450s by Dime City, Godet-Vincent and the repli­ca Egli. Tons of free stuff to read from Spike. Alya Mark teach­es you to cook. Mechanical won­ders in paper, charm­ing work from Andrew Pawley includ­ing a lit­tle cos­mo­naut. Playing with Light, a boy and his robot go out for sup­plies in a submarine.

Morning Linkage (Jun 3)

Ryca builds a spe­cial S40, Vincent Nero/Super Nero speed record bikes, house front that opens, meet­ing short­en­er, lit­tle bird on a rock­er, liq­uid Venice, and because it’s Friday, a pret­ty girl and motor­cy­cle and an ani­ma­tion gig­gle with Zayatz and Volk.

Morning Linkage (Apr 27)

Transportation Is this real­ly what it says it is? A Vincent drag rac­er? New or old? Dang I love this site for the pics but they have less info than BikeEXIF. Though the loca­tion is ID’d in the com­ments. We’ve all seen the city bus­es and the occa­sion­al hum­mer cov­ered in vinyl graph­ics adver­tis­ing something … 

Morning Linkage (Apr 19)

Transportation Riding the Tiger Shiva. Rotax engine, six for­ward gears, fan­cy met­al work, and you can ride it. It’s absolute­ly gor­geous. Videos: The Tiger Walks (Horrible music ) and Riding the Tiger (You can hear the rotax putt-putt) It’s a trail­er, for a movie, about rid­ing Royal Enfields in India. 2 Roues Sinon Rien. (two …