Morning Linkage (Apr 19)


Riding the Tiger Shiva. Rotax engine, six for­ward gears, fan­cy met­al work, and you can ride it. It’s absolute­ly gorgeous.
Videos: The Tiger Walks (Horrible music ) and Riding the Tiger (You can hear the rotax putt-putt)

It’s a trail­er, for a movie, about rid­ing Royal Enfields in India. 2 Roues Sinon Rien. (two wheels or noth­ing) Yeah,  it’s in French. Maybe they’ll sub­ti­tle the flic? Do not miss the danc­ing camel.

The title says it all “Vincent Lust.” Desktop wor­thy B&W pho­tos of a nice example.


Science and Technology

Ball bear­ings are every­where. I found a nice­ly illus­trat­ed essay on how they are made. The process is both sim­pler and more com­plex that I had imagined.


Art, Images, and Design

Two bev­er­age pack­ag­ing sets from the win­ners of this year’s Dieline deign competition.

Clever return to a clas­sic image. Coke. Love the soda cup design.

A nice­ly coher­ent brand ID for a win­ery but each pack­age stands on its own as well. Expect maybe the High Roller cab. It’s too min­i­mal for my taste. (Tobacco Jaqk Cellars)

A hand­ful of cov­ers from the Swiss mag­a­zine Graphis. Graphis pub­lished the lat­est in graph­ics and graph­ic design for 60 years (1944–2004)

Paper feath­ers arranged in sin­u­ous shapes. These Kate McGuire sculp­tures sug­gest both flight and captivity.

…and here we are again