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Morning Linkage (Sep 27)


Begin­ning with a bit of a mys­tery. Search­ing for infor­ma­tion on this sub­tly won­der­ful BWM custom.

No mys­tery to this inten­tion­al­ly not per­fect TX650. Keep­ing the orig­i­nal tank and head­light buck­et as the design touch­stones for a rat bike I’d give shop space.

For a gig­gle, 52 Rossi hel­met graph­ics. In his next life he’s going to be an art direc­tor for DC Comics. Clearly.

Science (more or less)

hydro­dy­nam­i­cal­ly silent feed­ing cur­rent” Or how the comb jel­ly, which as you know is my favorite marine odd­i­ty, eats well. Read the com­ments they are as enlight­en­ing as the article.

Dark Roast Blends brings you Man Eat­ing Plants. Okay — insect eat­ing plants. (Fol­low­ing the image cred­its will sup­ply an after­noon of visu­al bliss.)

Art, Images, and Design

From the pier side. A lit­tle guy goes div­ing. Like the com­menter says — pos­si­bly Os Gemeos, but I can’t find a sol­id attribution.

An unusu­al look for They Draw, They Cook. Tatiana Dorokhi­na’s recipe for a hot kicked-up cider. The con­tin­u­a­tion of the direc­tions in the guy’s trib­al tat­too is sweet.

Ms. Dorokhi­na’s illus­tra­tion blog is worth a look as well. (Occas­sion­al­ly NSFW)

Amer­i­can made and so damned beau­ti­ful. The RGM Penn­syl­va­nia Tour­bil­lon. Watch pr0n at it’s most beguil­ing. It’s the sec­ond video you want to spend time with.

El Mac — hagio­graph­ic por­trai­ture. The time-lapse vids are good. Nice­ly curat­ed by koikoikoi.  (IC)

Vaca­tion is over and it’s time to get back to work. Hap­py Mon­day y’all

Morning Linkage (Aug 25)


Anoth­er tiny cus­tom CB100 out of SE Asia. This one from Deus Cang­gu in Bali.

Scott Fly­ing Squir­rel. Best bike name ever and inno­v­a­tive design too. Liq­uid cool­ing from the 1920’s. A cou­ple of oth­er Scott bikes here as well.

From Japan a TX650 cus­tom. The lines of the sub­tly brown tank are dreamy.

Doc­u­men­ta­tion of mon­u­men­tal moments in bad taste. Nick Glies makes a liv­ing pho­tograph­ing the insides (and out­sides) of pri­vate jets. Own­er­ship is, of course, not disclosed.


Tablets for Christ­mas this year. With the launch of the iPad this spring the tablet has reached the mid­dle amer­i­can radar. Best Buy is gear­ing up for the Xmas sea­son by pro­mot­ing the tablet as a per­fect gift.

Among the many con­tenders is like­ly to be this HTC slat­ed to run Google’s chrome.


Cook­ing in a milk can? Steam cook­ing for messy, stew meals. Yum.

Art, Images, and Design

A quick and dirty overview of the art of Sci-Fi. Lau­ren Panepin­to who is the Art Direc­tor for Orbit Books shows you some exam­ples and explains why and how they go about entic­ing you to pick up and read. Lots of links to lots of artists. Be sure to check the com­ments for even more art and links.

From the Long Now blog, a fine exam­ple of Panepin­to’s two rules for great Sci-Fi art. Com­men­tary on this split soci­ety image?

In the late 1970’s Andy Levin spent his non-working hours pho­tograph­ing the every­man expe­ri­ence of Coney Island. The NYT’s Lens blog brings 18 of these fine black and white pho­tos back.

And now, many years lat­er, Levin returns to Coney Island and pub­lish­es Coney Island Baby. Col­or pho­tos of the same place, in a very dif­fer­ent time. (NSFW — one aggres­sive­ly nude image)

enjoy the heat — eat lunch out­side today

Morning Linkage (May 18)


I’m not sure why you’d con­vert a ’73 TX650 to a mono­shock rear but I’m mad for the paint scheme. Tres chic.

Okay, this is weird. A cus­tom shop in Italy that builds on mod­ern Roy­al Enfields. Italy, India, exot­ic? (Roy­al McQueen)

One of the nicest look­ing motard con­cepts I’ve seen (this week). Ober­dan Bezzi does Bimota.

Society, Culture, and Literature

There­fore Repent! is a post-rapture graph­ic nov­el. What if after the rap­ture the world con­tin­ues along it’s mer­ry way, except that some­things are a lit­tle odd, like mag­ic starts to work? And then there are the aveng­ing angels… The link is to the .pdf.  Alter­na­tive for­mats avail­able as well.  Where they’re talk­ing about the next nov­el in the series. By Jim Munro and Sal­go­od Sam.

A hand­ful of draw­ings for inven­tions that we don’t know we need. Auto-abandonment zones being the first of sev­er­al good ideas.

Science, Technology, and Gadgets

Thank heav­en for Wired sci­ence. Tak­ing the inter­est­ing things stuck behind Nature’s pay-wall and bring­ing them out for the rest of us to see.

Net­works are gen­er­al­ly resilient, that’s why they devel­op. But what hap­pens if you net­work net­works? You get frag­ile. A recent report in Nature demon­strate this with exam­ples from the Ital­ian pow­er grid fail­ure and stock mar­kets crash in 1987.

Art, Images, and Design

A cam­era, some paper, and a pen­cil. Over­laid real­i­ties that act as x‑rays into the world we don’t quite live in.

A boat load of images of the Vir­gin or some­thing like her. Many tak­en from the cock-odd world of fash­ion styling. The zom­bie expres­sion on the face of the sec­ond LaCroix bride would scare any man away from the altar. Blas­phe­my abounds, but don’t skip it. There are trea­sures like the images by Lor­ri Lip­ton and Ron English.

Sam Brew­ster rocks a cool style that hints at hav­ing used a lot of mark­ers grow­ing up. Com­mer­cial work that comes with a sense of humor built in. I swear that fish is grimacing.

off you go my freaky darlings.