Morning Linkage (Jan 28)

Stram returns to the Salt, Eliz. Raab’s Ducatis with nudes, build­ing a cus­tom in India. Lady Gaga lyrics find a place, a per­fect umbrel­la, Dark trop­i­cal Antoinettes. Using sound and a high speed cam­era to move paint. Sweetest movie cred­its yet for Le Petit Nicolas.

Morning Linkage (Oct 25)

New hel­mets, old CB450s by Dime City, Godet-Vincent and the repli­ca Egli. Tons of free stuff to read from Spike. Alya Mark teach­es you to cook. Mechanical won­ders in paper, charm­ing work from Andrew Pawley includ­ing a lit­tle cos­mo­naut. Playing with Light, a boy and his robot go out for sup­plies in a submarine.