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Morning Linkage (Aug 27)


Engine porn. Full view of the gear dri­ven cams on an awe­some lit­tle Benelli.

Per­fect­ly, post-apocalyptically Vespa.

Nice lines on this yel­low Hon­da cafe. The light driz­zling of water drops does not hurt the look of these shots.

Gaming and Culture

SEGA has a yakuza based game for play sta­tion. How good is it? Jake Adel­stein asked 3 “guys” to have a look. Oth­er than the red shirt…

Art, Images, and Design

Elsa Lan­ches­ter was the orig­i­nal Bride of Franken­stein. Made­line Khan will always be my favorite BoF, but you have lots of images to choose from in this round-up by Wicked Halo. NSFWerot­ic mon­ster nudi­ty.


We’ve all done it; let our sense of dread over­whelm our com­mon sense, and been embar­rass­ed­ly cha­grined at our silli­ness in the end. Smooth­ly ani­mat­ed with soft sculp­tures and quirky card­board, Some­thing Tak­en, Some­thing Left Behind, reminds us that chil­dren aren’t the only ones giv­en to irra­tional cat­a­stro­phiz­ing. (Video, 10:14)

off you go into the rainy weekend…

Morning Linkage (May 17)


Pho­tog­ra­phers Guer­ry and Prat (no web­site yet) are mak­ing very spe­cial por­traits of very spe­cial bikes. This Vin­cent Rapid is swoon worthy.

Equal­ly black and ele­gant look­ing is this ’68 CB450 K1 also shot by Guer­ry and Prat.

Rumor has it… and the prices have been announced. Buell race machines from $16,900. Also “Erik Buell Rac­ing is report­ing that is has a few track­day bikes…” for $10,500 get yours now.

Tech and Gadgets

Code Swarm is a soft­ware project visu­al­iza­tion tool. Not a visu­al­iza­tion of the code, but of the team and it’s func­tion­ing as revealed by the activ­i­ty in the source code con­trol system.

It’s a lit­tle bit out of order, but here’s the code swarm view of the ilomi­lo game devel­op­ment project. If you look down in Art, Images, and Design you can find the trail­er for the game.

Art, Images, and Design

Anamor­phic pub­lic art isn’t new. But the sim­ple, brush-stroke based lines used to cre­ate these illu­sions are so much less aggres­sive and threat­en­ing that the charm just oozes. Toron­to sub­way system.

Ilomi­lo — a new xbox game for the pas­tel rompers set. But oh my the love­ly graph­ics. I got­ta agree with the gent on boing-boing who said he want­ed the flop­py eared dog fish as a plushy toy. Trail­er (Music)

Some­ones very sassy grand­ma. Vin­tage sum­mer photo.

hap­py zom­bie day…

Morning Linkage (May 12)


A new direc­tion in elec­tric motor­cy­cles, look­ing back to the 50’s. Ham­mar­head builds the Vol­ta, a retro look­ing bat­tery pow­ered machines on a mod­ern frame. If you can call the Enfield Bul­let modern…

In case you saw today’s Bike­EXIF, the Fal­con Kestral, and want­ed the back ground. Here’s the press release and bunch of links, as well as the pics. I am unmoved but I know some of you all will love it.

Paul Van Den­ton is a recent grad of the Roy­al Col­lege of Art. He does some pret­ty out­landish cafe racer/futuro con­cept bikes. Pipeburn col­lect­ed some of his best images. PVD also has a love of rods and drag rac­ers so some of the pho­tos on his blog are worth a look. The link is in the story.

Science, Tech, Gadgets

You sim­ply can­not fail to appre­ci­ate that we live on a plan­et that has a mas­sive crys­tal struc­ture at its core. Real­ly — it’s like some­thing out of a movie. It’s also why seis­mic waves move faster when going along the merid­i­ans than the latitudes.

Society and Culture

David Wein­berg­er is a info geek. He reads wide­ly and recent­ly he read through a cou­ple of issues of Game Devel­op­er mag­a­zine. His reflec­tions on the roles of moral­i­ty in gam­ing and games reminds us that the real world is rarely sim­ple enough for good/bad choic­es. And that moral choic­es some­times have fuzzy con­se­quences. Per­haps this is a good thing. Bina­ry nar­ra­tives are boring.

Art, Images, Design

I have no clue why the first image is upside down. Not that it makes the pic­ture any stranger. Char­ac­ters who just won’t stay in their books.

OMG-level awe­some: Jud Turn­er’s GreedEater. An assem­blage of parts.  Fol­low it up with Inter­nal Com­bus­tion #2 — Bone Machine.

and that’s the mid-week review…