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Morning Linkage (Apr 27)


Is this real­ly what it says it is? A Vin­cent drag rac­er? New or old? Dang I love this site for the pics but they have less info than Bike­EXIF. Though the loca­tion is ID’d in the comments.

We’ve all seen the city bus­es and the occa­sion­al hum­mer cov­ered in vinyl graph­ics adver­tis­ing some­thing — usu­al­ly an ener­gy drink. But those cus­tom wrap­pers are com­ing to a car near you. Going to be pop­u­lar with the smug-mobile crowd… and the lit­tle urban deliv­ery van folks.

5 great shots of the best play­ing around at desert rac­ing at  Ocotil­la Wells, CA. Click to en-biggen.


Wild-life pho­tog­ra­phy gets a new gad­get. Beetle­cam - a low to the ground view from Africa. Cam­era, track dri­ven plat­form (the size of a rab­bit), and a warn­ing about things that might be mis­tak­en for a cat toy.


Using flash on your web­site is often scorned as being inac­ces­si­ble and point­less­ly com­plex for no val­ue, but it can be well done. For exam­ple: The $100 bill is has been redesigned and new ver­sions will begin to cir­cu­late in Feb of 2011. You can check out all of the new fea­tures of the $100 bill in this inter­ac­tive app. (Note the easy to link to URL.)

Art, Images, and Design

Richard Kirk’s work is best summed up by the quote that he uses on his front page. “there is no beau­ty that hath not some strange­ness in the pro­por­tion” Sir Frances Bacon (1625) Thin, ethe­re­al, twig­gy human ‑botan­i­cal cross breeds.

Super sat­u­rat­ed pho­tographs. Vivid col­or­ing that push­es the fall into the dere­lic­tion to the foreground.

Micheal Quigg has a good eye for less beat­en down images as well.  This pho­to of anoth­er pho­tog­ra­ph­er and her grand­child in his cher­ry blos­soms Flick­er set warms the heart.

now get moving…

Morning Linkage (Apr 15)


Nice T‑shirt graph­ic fea­tur­ing the Pan­non­ia TFL Deluxe 1959.
You can’t order any­thing if you have a real­ly small screen because their web­site has lost it’s scroll bars. Bummer.

The Thistle­gorm went down in the Red Sea in May of 1941 while car­ry­ing sup­plies for the British Army in Africa. Among the many items now rest­ing one the sea bed are 400 motor­cy­cles. Includ­ing this Tri­umph 3TW. Click­ing on the pic­tures will get you the full ver­sions. (Page trans­lat­ed from Italian)

Odd lit­tle air­plane engine. A flat twin stood on it’s side.



Wired Sci­ence has an inter­view with Eli Kin­tisch author of Hack the Planet
in the lead up to the Ali­so­mar con­fer­ence on reg­u­lat­ing geo-engineering.

And Jeff Goodall gives us an after the fact sum­ma­ry of the con­fer­ence.


Art, Images, and Design

Bam­boo is quick­ly becom­ing a wide­ly accept­ed “green” mate­r­i­al for all sorts of house­hold prod­ucts includ­ing table­ware, stor­age con­tain­ers, and dec­o­ra­tive pieces. Brit Leissler recent­ly trav­eled around Viet­nam and sent a mas­sive col­lec­tion of pho­tographs from the vil­lages and towns where the bamboo-ware is made. The nav­i­ga­tion is a lit­tle con­fus­ing, click on the first image in the “wall” to start look­ing at the images.

Del­i­cate­ly drawn and light­ly col­ored. The humans shown in the work of the Chi­nese artist called Muxi exist on the bound­ary of man and animal.



Think your mon­ey works for you? Mus­cle­beaver would like to show you the truth. Well done prim­i­tive ani­ma­tion of green­backs doing what green­backs wan­na do. (NSFW)

tax day, raf­fle day, sun­ny day, take your pick.