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Morning Linkage (Nov 15)


North­east Ohio is not a friend­ly envi­ron­ment for out­door stor­age of equip­ment. Weep for this rot­ting col­lec­tion of most­ly mil­i­tary  air­craft. The video is well done. Shot with a Nikon D90.

Old school indeed. GS1150ES.

Mods vs. rock­ers but this time the vio­lence was con­fined to the tug-o-war. Lots of nice pics of clas­sic cafe rac­ers — Tri­tons, Guzzis, Norvin (wtf?)

Science (high-speed photography)

Pop­corn. I can’t watch this with­out think­ing that the pop­corn pop­ping looks like an angel open­ing it’s wings.

Begin­ning with the ques­tion “How do cats drink?” and end­ing with a some­what freaky elephant-trunk based robot arm. A bit of a walk through the lands of sci­ence for the fun of it. Side note, the paper about cat lap­ping may be the first time that a YouTube video has played a role in a pub­lished sci­en­tif­ic paper.

Art, Images, and Design

Inter­ac­tive maps can be so very good. The best jour­neys of fact and fic­tion mapped out with details and high­lights. (And a few lowlights.)

Old globes are pret­ty darned use­less, unless you want to make art out of them. Here are a cou­ple of nice exam­ples and a bonus video of how globes are made.


Smigly’s life is hard. and noisy.

yeah — it’s kind of Mon­day out here too.

Morning Linkage (Sep 1)


It’s not a bad look­ing bike — at all. H‑D pitch­es to the young­sters. No blondes allowed?

A bit of French his­to­ry, a pret­ty lady on a bike, and a Comiot tricycle.

Ralph Stead­man illus­trates Hunter Thomp­son on a Ducati. Per­fect match.

The GSX 1100 des­ig­na­tion has been with us for a very long time. This item from the 80’s is one of the rea­sons why.


From WSU. Why the nice guys get vot­ed off the island. Prop­er title of the paper: “The Desire to Expel Unselfish Mem­bers from the Group”. Humans are so weird.


Point and click adven­ture games are always pop­u­lar with the “I don’t wan­na shoot more stuff” crowd. Most­ly they’re based on var­i­ous poly­gon ren­der­ing engines. But Cock­roach is build­ing some thing a lit­tle dif­fer­ent. Clay and actu­al mod­el mak­ing are used to cre­ate stop-motion sequences for The Dream Machine. A haunt­ed apart­ment com­plex… and a game for grown ups. You can play a demo or sign up for the beta test of chap­ter one here.

Art, Images, and Design

I have a new com­ic in the RSS read­er. Try this one with the fly­ing car.

Humans make unin­ten­tion­al art by their actions. A col­lec­tion of pho­tographs of all of the con­tra­band brought in to the USA via Kennedy Inter­na­tion­al Air­port from Nov 16 to Nov 20, 2009.

Food, visu­al puns, and nice­ly done let­ter­press work. Let­ter­form does a series of sweet greet­ing cards.


We wel­come our mys­te­ri­ous cat-head over­lords? Um, demon­ic, ted­dy bears? I have no idea but it’s fun and goes well with too many lattes. (Video 0:57)

snack time!

Morning Linkage (Jun 11)


There’s no way to link into Lucy Pep­per’s blog to get at this love­ly lit­tle sketch of a tod­dler on his pop­pa’s scoot­er.

If you like Lucy’s style click through for her unique take on life as an ex-pat in Portugal.Her lit­tle Piag­gio sketch is a grin too.

I do not know how I feel about this. Some­how it puts me in mind of a 1970’s won­der woman car­toon. That can’t be good can it? Har­ris?

Suzu­ki again, this time a frame for the Sav­age.

Scientific Shopping

Next place to spend too much mon­ey. The Evo­lu­tion Store. Tons of nat­ur­al his­to­ry good­ies and creepy lit­tle treasures.

Society: Politics and Trivia

The dig­i­tal age of pol­i­tics has arrived, like it or not. The expert use of dig­i­tal media will be cru­cial in deter­min­ing the win­ners and losers. Google rolls out tools for cam­paigns and cam­paign­ers. Some­times it’s hard to remem­ber that sauce for the goose (your favorite may­or) is sauce for the gan­der (your least favorite coun­ty coun­cil member)

Amer­i­ca is Num­ber 1 in ser­i­al killers. Cana­da is num­ber 1 in fruit juice drinkers. Because every coun­try is best at something…

Art, Images, and Design

As Good as Any God is made of wood, paint, and nails. Which is kind of like say­ing trees are made of wood  and water. It only gets bet­ter with Embrac­ing Sto­chas­tic­i­ty, One Hun­dred Per­cent Sav­age, and Idol for the Absurd. There’s a sin­gle in progress shot in this set — pon­der and be boggled.

AJ Fos­ik talks about his work.

Le Cre­ative Sweat­shop. Cute name. Dead­ly seri­ous about com­mer­cial paper art. Tons of work for the fash­ion indus­try. You’ll love the first cou­ple of images in the La Rinascente installation.


Mani­a­cal beats, mor­ph­ing char­ac­ters, and a case of the mir­rored uni­vers­es. Love and Theft by Film Bilder. (NSFW — car­toon nudes)

BTW check out youTube’s goog­lesque logo homage (foot­ball!)

see you again next week

Morning Linkage (Jun 3)


Ryca CS1 — what your Suzu­ki S40 is going to be when it grows up. Ryca’s own flash encum­bered site.

Pret­ty girls and motor­cy­cles. This time with his­to­ry of Chi­nese cin­e­ma added.

A cut away illo and some pho­tos of the Vin­cent Nero/Super Nero. The naked shot is out­right frightening.

Tech and Gadgets

The ulti­mate shop door? Well it’s the bitchin’-est hangar door I’ve ever seen. Though it looks more like the local feed store than a house…

Have you ever cal­cu­lat­ed the cost of that week­ly staff meet­ing? Do you know what it costs to let Dave from account­ing blath­er on for an extra 12 min­utes? TIM will do the math for you, in real time.

Art, Images, and Design

I love com­ing across an artist   whose work can make me both very gig­gly hap­py. See the lit­tle bird rock­er about half way down. And fore­head wrin­kling puz­zled. The sheep in NY — um, that’s not even…  Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne.

Extra­or­di­nary images of Venice. Liq­uid and mys­te­ri­ous. Giuseppe Desideri. (Most effec­tive as a slide show.)

Friday Animation

The sur­re­al Zay­atz and Volk. Russ­ian kid­die car­toon­ing from the 70s/80s era. The com­men­tary is almost as whacked as the cartoon.

did you know that ‘play’ is the one key off on the right hand typo for ‘okay’?