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Morning Linkage (Nov 16)


This lit­tle cub mod is just too cute to pass up.

A nice col­lec­tion of exam­ples of the art of Pak­istani trucks and bus­es from Ani­mal­ri­um. Sau­di Aram­co World gives us back­ground.

From a Japan­ese Ducati blog. Found object sculp­ture. Small, sim­ple, sweet.

Take a good long look at the pic­ture before you read the arti­cle. Maybe I’m slow but it took me a at least 30 sec­onds to twig to what is so wrong with this Tri­ton.


Lit­tle tiny Big Bangs. I’m just hav­ing trou­ble with the con­cept of atoms melt­ing. More fun from LHC.

Art, Images, and Design

Look very close­ly. Each of these botan­i­cal images is made up of very non-herbaceous mate­r­i­al. Cecelia Web­ber.

Of all of 2much’s work these lit­tle sculp­tures made from ping-pong balls while he was try­ing to give up cig­a­rettes are the most inti­mate and heart­felt. More 2much aka Bun­deli Patrik

Painter Vin­cent Hui. Per­haps a lit­tle dif­fi­cult, cer­tain­ly some Bruege­l­ish grotes­queries. More bet­ter but dif­fi­cult to nav­i­gate web­site. My favorite, Table.

I have a friend cur­rent­ly engaged in clean­ing out her shed(s). Per­haps I’ll send her this col­lec­tion of ideas for things to make out of the old bicy­cles. There are some win­some gates here.

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Morning Linkage (Jun 10)


We all know that the Gold­wing is the most capa­ble race machine out there. Right?

But, it’s been done before. More con­vinc­ing­ly. (Pho­tos and sto­ry cour­tesy of Phil Kopp.)

Go here. Choose your favorite style of bicy­cle. The Pla­to — town­ie. The Aris­to­tle — free or fixed. Or the slight­ly more cool Aris­tolte CRMO. Click “build” and start cus­tomiz­ing your col­or­ful new toy. Addic­tive and harm­less fun.

I have no idea what this site is actu­al­ly about but the sweet blue 750 wait­ing patient­ly for bet­ter weath­er is dear.


Does this belong in Food or Design? A math­e­mat­i­cal­ly per­fect set of knives.

Art, Images, and Design

As we go through our day — sit­ting in front of com­put­ers, con­sum­ing text — we rarely see the let­ters and sym­bols for them­selves. They are beau­ti­ful. Look at some of the scripts and writ­ing sys­tems that do not share our famil­iar west­ern let­ter forms and remem­ber that the sym­bols that we use to con­vey mean­ing have a grace all their own.

Sarah Bridg­land is mak­ing found paper con­struc­tions. Lots of very nice ones.  Her Swing­line Sta­ples is par­tic­u­lar­ly pleas­ing to fans of let­ters. (thx tfmktm)

Form Gold­en Age Com­ic Book Sto­ries. The Chil­dren of Odin. Hand cut let­ter­ing and sim­ple block draw­ings. Willy Pogany’s illus­tra­tions would make the finest col­or­ing book.

… it’s always something.

Morning Linkage (Apr 20)


Very pret­ty bicy­cles.

A love­ly, par­tial­ly built out Tri­umph Scram­bler. Clean look­ing and I like the low­er look.

One of the women in my stone set­ting class is Aus­tri­an. We had a gig­gle the oth­er day nam­ing Aus­tri­an motor­cy­cle com­pa­nies that no one else in the class had ever heard of — all of them — and then rem­i­nisc­ing about the lit­tle Puch mope­ds.

Some damned sil­ly stunt­ing on 99 between Eugene and Junc­tion City. In, um, 1938. Sweet­ness. (Music)


Food and Packaging

Choco­late is good. The odd­ly uneven break-lines on the Bold bar are fun. The orange peel in dark choco­late just begs for taste test­ing. The white choco­late with green tea is utter­ly unap­pe­tiz­ing even if the pack­age is pretty.


Art, Images, and Design

Illus­tra­tor Iv Irlov’s work is famil­iar to many mag­a­zine read­ers. Here’s a selec­tion of his most recent images. I love the stomp­ing robots he did for CEO Magazine.

Read­ing is dan­ger­ous. Just how dan­ger­ous is shown in these post­cards from Joost Swarte. Hap­py Tin-Tin feel­ing to the images.

I have no idea what’s tem­po­rary about Gideon Chase’s tem­po­rary blog but I love his work. Things are always bro­ken. Inter­est­ing­ly broken.

…anoth­er day anoth­er post…

Morning Linkage (Apr 5)


Coal gas had a brief appear­ance on the stage of alter­nate fuels in the
mid ‘teens. Here’s a Cam­pi­on (British) made bike with it’s gas bag held proud­ly aloft..

The Boe­ing 787 has flexi-wings. Just how flex­i­ble is demon­strat­ed in
this pic­ture. Take the man’s advice. Click for the full effect.

There’s a slew of news about the Magpul-Ronin in the last week. Rumors
of some sort of lim­it­ed pro­duc­tion run, or maybe a con­ver­sion kit. The
forks are mysterious/kinky and the tank is dull. A cou­ple of nice
gal­leries for your enjoyment.]


Society, Culture, and Literature

The 2010 Hugo Nom­i­nees have been announced. Search for your favorites
or score some new mate­r­i­al for the bed­side table.


Art, Images, and Design

The fruits of your bar­bar­ic pagan rites of spring. Cutest East­er egg art ever.

Opti­mus Prime — cre­at­ed from real car parts, and any­thing else they
could find out back. Awe­some, ready to rule, and for sale. Fashion
Warn­ing: Pink Leg Warmers.

More found object sculp­ture — par­ty cups and plas­tic eat­ing utensils
cre­ate … a drag­on. (Artist’s oth­er work includes nudes — cau­tion on
click through.)

Real­ly nice work with geom­e­try. Dan­ish jew­el­er Teodor Lulchev.

There is some­one who col­lects pic­tures of every­thing. This collection
of images of the aban­doned bicy­cles of NYC is a small treasure.


Excel­lent stop-motion graf­fi­ti ani­ma­tion by Bro­ken Fingaz. Grey scale
+ red, and mad draw­ing skil­lz.  I enjoyed the music; your cube mates
prob­a­bly won’t. (Sound)

yup, it’s that day again — now get out there and make some mayhem,