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Morning Linkage (Dec 7)


Seem­ing­ly ran­dom, Japan­ese, custom-bike guy blog. I pre­fer look­ing at these with­out the assis­tance of Google trans­late. The sto­ry of one guy’s life, his friends, his lunch­es, and his bikes. (Occa­sion­al bits of NSFW — most­ly ani­me girls.)

For all of you drinkers of the Orange kool-aid who were dis­ap­point­ed by the small (125cc) size of the pro­posed KTM mini machines can relax. There’s a new pro­pos­al — for a 250 or 300. Some­time in 2012? Maybe that’s long enough for them to find some­one to do some­thing about the 1980’s era water­craft graph­ics. Urk. (And, yes, I know that’s the pro­mo pic for the 125.)

The pho­tog­ra­pher’s site is down for main­te­nance. But here are a hand­ful of Christo­pher Wilson’s images from the salt. Ethe­re­al indeed. (thanks Chicane)


A lit­tle fic­tion leads to a whole bunch of facts and a cou­ple of videos about giant squid.

Art, Images, and Design

Anoth­er of the Por­tuguese artists from the turn of the last cen­tu­ry. Amadeo Souza Car­dosa is lit­tle known out­side of his home coun­try. Bright, often geo­met­ric, paint­ings full of life and good humor.

Do pup­pets count as design or ani­ma­tion? The giant pup­pets of Roy­al de Luxe arrived in Mex­i­co City with a spe­cial per­for­mance for the bicentennial.

Lit­tle, frag­ile, ephemer­al bits of the real world are added to Micheal Aaron William’s street art. Heartbreaking.


I want to like this. I think I like this. The trail­er for O Apos­to­lo. Fright­en­ing folk and fairy tales from North­ern Spain. Review in Eng­lish, trail­er in Span­ish. (Video 1:06)

keep calm and car­ry on

Morning Linkage (Nov 4)


I am utter­ly uncon­vinced that I want to see Green Hor­net in Jan­u­ary. The trail­ers made me cringe. On the oth­er hand this video extolling the won­ders of Black Beau­ty, the Crown Vic based auto­mo­tive star of the film may change my mind. Bonus is that there’s footage of the art of film­ing chase scenes here. (video — loud music. 2:51)

Church of Chop­pers brings us pic­tures of a Sun­day of dirt/mud rac­ing spon­sored by the Black­heads MC in Fin­land. Prov­ing that bikes and mud are fun on any con­ti­nent. (anoth­er tip-off from one of the fab mag­pie spotters.)

One for the orange kool-aid crowd. Cyril Despres rides the new KTM 450 on his pri­vate test track in the Pyre­nees moun­tains. The man has his own test track in the moun­tains. Good god.

I like this BMW R60 striped back to the essentials.

Sweet lit­tle Triumph.

Technology and Science

Real time video manip­u­la­tion. It’s now pos­si­ble to make some­thing dis­ap­pear from the CCTV mon­i­tor are it’s hap­pen­ing. Cool…and a lit­tle frightening.

I apol­o­gize in advance for the num­ber of point­less Lego posts. But damn, frog dis­sec­tion.

Soooo geeky. Here’s a PDF of the “Space Shut­tle Weath­er Launch Com­mit Cri­te­ria and KSC End of Mis­sion Weath­er Land­ing Cri­te­ria” Yup, exact­ly what it sounds like. Fas­ci­nat­ing look into the minu­tia of get­ting big things off the ground and into space. (BTW NASA has sev­er­al inter­est­ing twit­ter accounts. Things like this show up.)

Art, Images, and Design

This quick pen­cil sketch that been fol­low­ing me around all day.

Arche­ol­o­gy meets street-art. Um, no that’s not quite right. The arche­o­log­i­cal inter­est is decades away. Street-art meets pop-up gallery? Nope. Pop-ups are tem­po­rary. An aban­doned sub­way project is hard­ly tem­po­rary. Well any­way, under New York there’s a big space that has been filled with the work of many of the best street artists. Under­bel­ly. It was opened to a select few recent­ly. And now has been closed up again.

I’m an ani­ma­tion fan. I spend a lot of time crawl­ing around the web look­ing for rare bits and pieces. A lot of what I like and find isn’t pro­duced in the US. I get a lot of leads to links that serve up to a notice read­ing “This video is not avail­able in your region.” How far behind the real­i­ty of glob­al cul­ture are we here? And is it only going to get worse?


A month or so ago I wrote a note to myself about a link: “Some­one has got to stop these peo­ple. Once again a fab­u­lous piece of ani­ma­tion might nev­er see the light of day because it was cre­at­ed with­out obtain­ing the rights to the music. Enjoy this trail­er for the imag­i­na­tive Hen­drix inspired The Expe­ri­ence and hope that the cre­ators can come up with the scratch to license Voodoo Child so that we can see the rest.” But today when I want­ed to post the item I rechecked the link and it seems that they did secure rights. So I’m a lit­tle slow to get this post­ed and you reap the ben­e­fit of see­ing the full video of the roller coast­er trib­ute to the man. (Video. Music. 8:06)

Go do some­thing sur­pris­ing, it will make me happy.

Morning Linkage (Oct 28)


Hel­mut Fath’s mul­ti­ple cham­pi­onship win­ning URS side­car recent­ly sold for more than $150K. Worth it? There cer­tain­ly is enough his­to­ry here to make it interesting.

The log­ic of the pick­ings and place­ments of these 50 best rac­ing liv­er­ies will baf­fle you. Until you real­ize that each place­ment had to had a video. (Not true, a few don’t.) Try the 1988 Porsche rac­ing in the 24 hours of Le Mans — with the fog addled start. Or maybe the 15 sec­onds of pure son­ic joy to had Par­nel­li Jone’s Boss 302.  All the rest are in the box on the right. Just don’t look at #50. Tic tac.

New Nor­ton Commando- ditch the lit­tle idjit screen, and pony up for the wire wheels and the sport­ing exhaust. Then get the hell out­ta my way. (Oh and tell the dude on the video to shut up. m’kay?)

Cute Natural World

Big cats love the post Hal­loween gro­cery clean-up. And who knew that pump­kins float? The tigers loved chas­ing them in the ponds. (2 dif­fer­ent videos.)

Internet Tips and Tricks.

Um, Google now index­es all of the LIFE images. So go to, click Images in the top nav bar and type : “fer­rari source:life” into the search box.. or maybe “duke elling­ton source:life” if you’re in a more laid back kin­da mood.

Art, Images, and Design

A brief overview of the work of Finnish pho­tog­ra­ph­er Nel­li Palo­ma­ki. Por­traits of women and girls sug­gest­ing depths to their life sto­ries that are not revealed causally.

Some­how the croc­o­dile on the side of this bricked up build­ing in Lis­bon looks ter­ri­bly sad about some­thing. Lucy McLauch­lan’s lit­tle birds, how­ev­er, are hav­ing a very good day.

Using up the relics of the WWII. Mak­ing fur­ni­ture and home decor out of naval mines. Yup, that’s gonna look right­eous in my library.

Swing Shift Cin­derel­la — with this Flashy Lassie with the Classy Chas­sis. Um, it’s the lob­by card for an upcom­ing car­toon short from the mid-century. I love it. More ads fea­tur­ing the car­toons here. And a reminder that car­toons were orig­i­nal­ly for the grown-ups. (SFW)

sec­ond times the charm :)

Morning Linakge (Oct 4)


Over at WebUr­ban­ist, Steve Lev­en­stein gives us a heav­i­ly illus­trat­ed overview of the con­stant­ly chang­ing art on the cars at the Cadil­lac Ranch. I did­n’t know just how inten­tion­al the invi­ta­tion to pass­ing graf­fi­ti artists was.

Dis­cov­ery­HD brings us a 2 part doc­u­men­tary on the Cafe Rac­er sub-culture. Air­ing Oct 13 and 14. Fire up the Beta­max Ethel.

For all I know this web page is adver­tis­ing bogus “like a tiger” nos­trums. It’s in Japan­ese, I don’t feel like deal­ing with the trans­la­tor. I just want you to see the pic­ture of the 70’s era wall of death rid­ers.

Okay I lied, I did trans­late it and it’s the web page for Din Tai Fung Speed Stunt Troupe. There’s a few more pic­tures here.


The total­ly awe­some adven­ture of two guys, a lit­tle video cam­era, and a heli­um filled weath­er bal­loon. Not quite to infin­i­ty and beyond, but to the edge of space and back.  The footage from the flight will make you feel both small com­pared to the vast­ness just out of our reach and proud to be a mem­ber of such a curi­ous species.

Some­what spe­cial­ized and tech­ni­cal, but of inter­est to the pho­tog­ra­phers and web geeks in the group. Google has pro­posed, demo’d, and open sourced for pub­lic use, the exper­i­men­tal new image com­pres­sion tech­nique WebP as an alter­na­tive to the com­mon­ly used jpeg com­pres­sion tech­niques. Your opin­ion on the qual­i­ty of the com­pressed images?

Art, Images, and Design

A new wall por­trait by Vhils for the Nuart show in Nor­way. Cre­at­ed by cut­ting, (drilling, punch­ing, and pound­ing) into the lay­ers of fin­ish on a wall. More infor­ma­tion on Alexan­dre Far­to (aka Vhils) and more walls.

Object of desire — but unavail­able at this moment. Pint Size has a water bot­tle. Pint size appears — inex­plic­a­bly — in the com­ic Ques­tion­able Content.

Practicality-stretching design exer­cis­es are all over the inter­net. Beds that do origa­mi to hide away dur­ing the day, cof­fee tables with inter­est­ing shapes but no place to put a cup or a mag­a­zine, it’s goes on and on. Most of these exist only in ren­der­ing files but once in a while… A swing set like din­ing table and chairs. Um, no drink­ing at this din­ner par­ty, okay?

Two min­utes of Mon­day humor. If it’s rain­ing on you too this morn­ing I hope you find a big guy with an umbrel­la.  Man­fred. (Ani­ma­tion — 2:00)

keep calm and car­ry on,

Morning Linkage (Jul 14)


We seem to be on a things-that-drive-themselves kick. But how about a thing that makes dri­ving using non-visual clues possible?

So this guy start­ed out to restore a NX650. But he got side­tracked by the pos­si­bil­i­ties hint­ed at by the naked frame. Love­ly first go at a cus­tom bike. The crowds loved it and the builder post­ed more pho­tos.

If you have milling machines, spare bil­let, and some cre­ative tal­ent you can spend the time you’re not milling back­ing plate adapters build­ing this awe­some toy car. I’d love a set of the knurled tita­ni­um salt and pep­per shak­ers as well.


Cos­mol­o­gy and Cos­mogony are eter­nal­ly fas­ci­nat­ing. Both the cur­rent attempts to deter­mine and define the shape of the uni­verse, and the his­to­ry and anthro­pol­o­gy of all mankind’s pre­vi­ous world views. io9 recent­ly fea­tured a love­ly graph­ic of a Jew­ish cos­mol­o­gy cre­at­ed by Micheal Paukn­er and I went explor­ing his flickr stream. Wow. Great graph­ics, inter­est­ing com­men­tary, and *foot­notes*!


Fried avo­ca­do. I can not imag­ine any­thing bet­ter at a late evening sum­mer BBQ with a nice crisp lager.

The fine folks at the Kitch’n found the ulti­mate kitchen island in the tool sec­tion at Cost­co. I already have a kitchen island, but I don’t have an out­door kitchen island. Yet.

Art, Images, and Design

A walk through many years of book cov­er design. Harp­er Lee’s To Kill A Mock­ing Bird is still in print. And has been pub­lished with some love­ly sen­si­tive cov­ers and some real disasters.

If this was on your walk to work every morn­ing you prob­a­bly would­n’t notice it for the first cou­ple of days. But every day after that these lit­tle peo­ple would make you smile. Even in the rain


From Shas­ta W. Very fun­ny ani­mat­ed Dutch retail web­site. Prob­a­bly not going to be a repeat buy­er though. (music and crash­ing noises)

alright then my dears, off you go

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