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Morning Linkage (Nov 5)


I have no expla­na­tion for the face paint that match­es the hel­met. But it’s the nicest B&W bike pic I’ve seen this week.

Vin­ta­gent pulls togeth­er a brief his­to­ry of a 1938 BSA Gold Star for sale in Oz. Bonus pic of the “movie-star hand­some”  Wal Han­d­ley who earned the cov­et­ed gold star at Brook­lands for BSA.

None of the rac­ers I know has this kind of class. The FIAT trans­porter that fer­ried around the Fer­rari cars in the late 1950s isn’t exact­ly with­in the bud­getary con­straints of most of my rac­er mates either.

Offi­cer Silent is sneak­ing up behind you. First it was the elec­tric cars in the NYC fleet. Now Utah based ATK would like to sell your local LEOs some elec­tric bikes.


The physics of the wet-dog shake (as well as mice, rats, and griz­zly bears.)

Why do gigan­tic pump­kins always look like they were left in the sun and melt­ed? All squat and squashed? There’s an answer to that. It’s a bet­ter shape than round for grow­ing out sized squash.

Art. Images, and Design

Ani­malar­i­um high­lights the ani­mals por­trayed in the work of two Finnish illus­tra­tors. San­na Annuk­ka whose work for Marimekko you can find on her web­site. (The look into the pro­duc­tion process for Marimekko fab­rics is cool.) And Klaus Haa­panie­mi whose large-scale pic­tures of fan­ci­ful ani­mals always make me smile.

The Book or Rev­e­la­tions is puz­zling to even the most devote of schol­ars. Com­men­taries have been writ­ten through­out the cen­turies. Bib­liodyssey brings images from the Bea­t­us Apoc­a­lypse. Noah’s ark fea­tures some par­tic­u­lar­i­ty unset­tling animals.

I have to agree. The posters for Black Swan are so unlike the usu­al run of actor’s faces poor­ly pho­to­shopped onto stand-ins’ air­brushed bod­ies in front of CGI explo­sions that at first I did­n’t real­ize that Black Swan was a movie. (It’s a ballet/psychological thriller movie. Who’s going with me?)

Love­ly cal­lig­ra­phy exe­cut­ed on video. Lega­cy of Let­ters pro­mo piece. Luca Bar­cel­lon­a’s econ­o­my of motion while let­ter­ing is amaz­ing. (Video)


When you have a band named the Kandin­sky Effect. the best pos­si­ble pro­mo video would fea­ture a piece (or two) of Kandin­sky art, no? (Video)

But is you need some­thing a lit­tle less high-brow you can’t go wrong with the episode of Saari. A preschool pro­gram designed by a Finn and pro­duced in Spain. Charm­ing. (Video)

And that’s it for this week. be hap­py, have fun, be safe.

Morning Linkage (Jun 23)

Sort of -

Link­age is on hia­tus while I deal with life, the uni­verse, and my back (again) But I haven’t for­got­ten you all entire­ly. Here are two nice, hap­py links for hump-day.

Anoth­er install­ment in the Smash­ing Mag­a­zine series on let­ter forms and cal­lig­ra­phy — this one fea­tur­ing Hebrew, Arme­nia, Mon­go­lian, and Inu­it among others.

I grew up with the work of Jim Flo­ra, from the jazz album cov­ers that were a part of my child­hood to this friend­ly lit­tle car­toon. Mex­i­can fire­works are the best!

Morning Linkage (Jun 10)


We all know that the Gold­wing is the most capa­ble race machine out there. Right?

But, it’s been done before. More con­vinc­ing­ly. (Pho­tos and sto­ry cour­tesy of Phil Kopp.)

Go here. Choose your favorite style of bicy­cle. The Pla­to — town­ie. The Aris­to­tle — free or fixed. Or the slight­ly more cool Aris­tolte CRMO. Click “build” and start cus­tomiz­ing your col­or­ful new toy. Addic­tive and harm­less fun.

I have no idea what this site is actu­al­ly about but the sweet blue 750 wait­ing patient­ly for bet­ter weath­er is dear.


Does this belong in Food or Design? A math­e­mat­i­cal­ly per­fect set of knives.

Art, Images, and Design

As we go through our day — sit­ting in front of com­put­ers, con­sum­ing text — we rarely see the let­ters and sym­bols for them­selves. They are beau­ti­ful. Look at some of the scripts and writ­ing sys­tems that do not share our famil­iar west­ern let­ter forms and remem­ber that the sym­bols that we use to con­vey mean­ing have a grace all their own.

Sarah Bridg­land is mak­ing found paper con­struc­tions. Lots of very nice ones.  Her Swing­line Sta­ples is par­tic­u­lar­ly pleas­ing to fans of let­ters. (thx tfmktm)

Form Gold­en Age Com­ic Book Sto­ries. The Chil­dren of Odin. Hand cut let­ter­ing and sim­ple block draw­ings. Willy Pogany’s illus­tra­tions would make the finest col­or­ing book.

… it’s always something.