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Morning Linkage (May 25)


Pure e‑powered hybrid sports car pron. Porsche 918. The 12 minute PR video. Ignore that crack about mod­er­ate dri­ving style.  You’re gonna need a smoke after this one.

First com­ment for the win. “Ger­man guy in Switzer­land builds an Amer­i­can bike and gives it a Span­ish name.: El marinero bor­ra­cho. Shov­el head with gold leaf? it’s kin­da cool though.

Mat­te black, not-really an Indi­an but … swoon.

Science and Tech

Anoth­er stab at algae based fuels. This one mim­ic­k­ing the process of cre­at­ing oil from dinosaurs. Sort of.

Image mak­ing always finds a use for exist­ing tech­nolo­gies and push­es to find new one. In this demo reel, immer­sive media push­es it’s new imLive 360 expe­ri­ence. Pan around and catch the blast flash­es as you watch Texas Sta­di­um come down around your ears. No music just explo­sions.

Art, Images, and Design

ID — nice design using human ges­ture to con­trol light­ing. A desk lamp worth having.

Okay, this is a lit­tle mind bog­gling. In 1883 the cir­cus came to Colch­ester VT . Posters were put up every where. Includ­ing one house where they were quick­ly cov­ered up with new sid­ing. And there they stood, until 1991 when the own­ers of the house decid­ed it was time to do some­thing about the decay­ing sid­ing. Off came the old sid­ing and what was seen? The cir­cus posters. North­east Doc­u­ment Con­ser­va­tion Cen­ter’s web­site walks you through the process of tak­ing the posters down and pre­serv­ing them. As well as the cir­cus intrigue that their work revealed! Video slide show on site and  a link to the flickr set with commentary.

Christo­pher Walken — dead sexy.

off you go my freaky darlings,

Morning Linakge (May 24)


There’s an app for that. Rolls-Royce lets you build a Ghost on your iPhone.

Corn and used cook­ing oil aren’t the only mate­ri­als suit­able for pro­cess­ing into fuels. Amtrak is test­ing, urm, what was left on the slaugh­ter house floor.

One of the great­est things about Boe­ing’s devel­op­ment of the 787 is how much of the process is being doc­u­ment­ed and broad­cast to the curi­ous mass­es. The cli­mat­ic test­ing has begun in Flori­da. It’s dan­ged cold in that hangar. And you need an elec­tric pen­cil sharpener.

Society and Culture

Boing-Boing pro­vides a review of a nifty book about vend­ing machines. Ama­zon car­ries the book. (Some of the sell alongs are distasteful.)

There are few things more grat­ing than a car alarm in the night. This lit­tle video of Nasty Canas­ta just might go a ways to mak­ing the next sleep­less night a lit­tle more bear­able. Inno­v­a­tive bur­lesque and NSFW.

Art, Images, and Design

I know she’s kind of mor­bid and a whole lot emo but I love the way Sarah Sharp jux­ta­pos­es images and words.

Econ­o­my of  line can be the most expres­sive tech­nique for sketch­ing. These three quick stud­ies by Jean-Marie Guiv­ar­c’h from the Bidon 2 Litres are fine exam­ples and hap­pi­ly also include two side­cars. If you’d like to see more of his work — most­ly auto­mo­tive look fur­ther.

This and the next five pic­tures were tak­en in an aban­doned build­ing in Lock­port. The build­ing and the source of the bikes is IDesd in the com­ments. The HDR work is nice­ly restrained.

ooh, look, it’s anoth­er week starting…

Morning Linkage (Apr 5)


Coal gas had a brief appear­ance on the stage of alter­nate fuels in the
mid ‘teens. Here’s a Cam­pi­on (British) made bike with it’s gas bag held proud­ly aloft..

The Boe­ing 787 has flexi-wings. Just how flex­i­ble is demon­strat­ed in
this pic­ture. Take the man’s advice. Click for the full effect.

There’s a slew of news about the Magpul-Ronin in the last week. Rumors
of some sort of lim­it­ed pro­duc­tion run, or maybe a con­ver­sion kit. The
forks are mysterious/kinky and the tank is dull. A cou­ple of nice
gal­leries for your enjoyment.]


Society, Culture, and Literature

The 2010 Hugo Nom­i­nees have been announced. Search for your favorites
or score some new mate­r­i­al for the bed­side table.


Art, Images, and Design

The fruits of your bar­bar­ic pagan rites of spring. Cutest East­er egg art ever.

Opti­mus Prime — cre­at­ed from real car parts, and any­thing else they
could find out back. Awe­some, ready to rule, and for sale. Fashion
Warn­ing: Pink Leg Warmers.

More found object sculp­ture — par­ty cups and plas­tic eat­ing utensils
cre­ate … a drag­on. (Artist’s oth­er work includes nudes — cau­tion on
click through.)

Real­ly nice work with geom­e­try. Dan­ish jew­el­er Teodor Lulchev.

There is some­one who col­lects pic­tures of every­thing. This collection
of images of the aban­doned bicy­cles of NYC is a small treasure.


Excel­lent stop-motion graf­fi­ti ani­ma­tion by Bro­ken Fingaz. Grey scale
+ red, and mad draw­ing skil­lz.  I enjoyed the music; your cube mates
prob­a­bly won’t. (Sound)

yup, it’s that day again — now get out there and make some mayhem,