Morning Linkage (Jul 7)

Amatoya fire­fight­ing vehi­cle, Yamaha DT‑1, and the 2011 Dakar Rally vid. 50’s Kabul, city in a crate, WORM advances, ornate French fur­ni­ture, card­board steam­punk, mon­sters in Japan, danc­ing paint chips.

Morning Linkage (Apr 5)

Transportation Coal gas had a brief appear­ance on the stage of alter­nate fuels in the mid ‘teens. Here’s a Campion (British) made bike with it’s gas bag held proud­ly aloft.. The Boeing 787 has flexi-wings. Just how flex­i­ble is demon­strat­ed in this pic­ture. Take the man’s advice. Click for the full effect. There’s a slew of news about …