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Morning Linkage (Jan 17)


Con­tem­plat­ing the changes in the cul­ture of rac­ing and rule mak­ing. Reims in ’54 the return of the Mer­cedes and a grid full of indi­vid­u­al­is­tic machines.

Real­ly I spoil you all. I should be look­ing these bikes up and dol­ing them out one at a time. But what the hel­lz. A bonan­za bou­quet of old (real­ly old) bikes at the Bon­ham’s Las Vegas auc­tion. Munch Mam­mut, an H‑D Peashoot­er from a mine in West­ern Aus­tralia, and my fav the Indi­an Camelback.


Jog­ging, not just hat­ed exer­cise but per­haps an adap­tive evo­lu­tion­ary advan­tage? Some­thing called endurance hunt­ing may have been an impor­tant fac­tor in the suc­cess of our ances­tors. Oh hell, pass the fries.

I’m going to lose big kar­ma points for post­ing this but… cats con­fused about what’s up and what’s down in weight­less­ness. On video.

Art, Images, and Design

Paper — cut and lay­ered by Brit­te­ny Lee. Her ani­mals always have way too much personality.

Impul­sive kiss­es. Giv­en on a street cor­ner. Paint­ed on a street cor­ner. C215 and, prob­a­bly, his girl Alice.

Betray­ing a sense of the del­i­ca­cy of the divide between humans and their fel­lows that is far more sophis­ti­cat­ed than you expect from a 21 year old. Russ­ian artist Eugene Soloviev cre­ates stripped-down float­ing landscapes.


Street art, meets stop-motion, meets flip-book. 294 walls, 4 cities, 3000 kilo­me­ters. Think about what that means. Think about how the vid ends. By the Turk­ish group, Sokak Savasa Kar­si.  (Video 1:30 — music)

hap­py Mon­day y’all

Morning Linkage (Aug 19)


I’m at it again with the tiny cus­toms. This non-NA mod­el Hon­da JX110 impress­es with a hand­made muf­fler.

At the oth­er extreme. large, low and very long. An Indi­an with a nod towards the bicy­cles of the 20’s.

The title says it all. Engine Porn. A well done pho­to of the RD33 engine put into such Sovi­et planes as the MiG29.


The Earth and the moon, togeth­er. As seen look­ing back from the Mes­sen­ger spacecraft.


What if GMO plants were used to cre­ate some­thing oth­er than food? Artist David Benque pro­pos­es mod­i­fi­ca­tion and selec­tive breed­ing to add cus­tom acoustics to a forest

More arti­fi­cial sounds — what hap­pens when you slow one of those ter­ri­ble songs by the boy phe­nom Justin Bieber by 800? You end up with some­thing that sounds like a Bri­an Eno air­port expe­ri­ence. But it’s weird­ly soothing.

Art, Images, and Design

Por­to. A col­lec­tion of ran­dom images tak­en by Miss K and pub­lished by the street art blog Stick 2 Target.


Visu­al apho­risms. 3.5 seconds.

Din­ner:  Keep calm and car­ry out

Morning Linkage (May 25)


Pure e‑powered hybrid sports car pron. Porsche 918. The 12 minute PR video. Ignore that crack about mod­er­ate dri­ving style.  You’re gonna need a smoke after this one.

First com­ment for the win. “Ger­man guy in Switzer­land builds an Amer­i­can bike and gives it a Span­ish name.: El marinero bor­ra­cho. Shov­el head with gold leaf? it’s kin­da cool though.

Mat­te black, not-really an Indi­an but … swoon.

Science and Tech

Anoth­er stab at algae based fuels. This one mim­ic­k­ing the process of cre­at­ing oil from dinosaurs. Sort of.

Image mak­ing always finds a use for exist­ing tech­nolo­gies and push­es to find new one. In this demo reel, immer­sive media push­es it’s new imLive 360 expe­ri­ence. Pan around and catch the blast flash­es as you watch Texas Sta­di­um come down around your ears. No music just explo­sions.

Art, Images, and Design

ID — nice design using human ges­ture to con­trol light­ing. A desk lamp worth having.

Okay, this is a lit­tle mind bog­gling. In 1883 the cir­cus came to Colch­ester VT . Posters were put up every where. Includ­ing one house where they were quick­ly cov­ered up with new sid­ing. And there they stood, until 1991 when the own­ers of the house decid­ed it was time to do some­thing about the decay­ing sid­ing. Off came the old sid­ing and what was seen? The cir­cus posters. North­east Doc­u­ment Con­ser­va­tion Cen­ter’s web­site walks you through the process of tak­ing the posters down and pre­serv­ing them. As well as the cir­cus intrigue that their work revealed! Video slide show on site and  a link to the flickr set with commentary.

Christo­pher Walken — dead sexy.

off you go my freaky darlings,

Morning Linkage (May 21)


Sweet lit­tle pho­to gallery of cars par­tic­i­pat­ing in a recre­ation of the Mille Miglia. Includ­ing the win­ning BMW 328.  Don’t miss the ulti­mate ped­al car.

And here’s a gallery of black & whites from the inau­gur­al MM won by the BMW fea­tured above.

More old stuff. 1915 Indi­an, 8 valve board­track rac­er. Run­ning and unre­stored. All the mov­ing part­sare  hang­ing out in the open on this fire breath­ing dragon.

Pret­ty girls and bikes. It’s been going on a long time, as this 1951 por­trait of the win­ner of the  Miss Cal­i­for­nia Motor­cy­cle Beau­ty Con­test show.

Science and Technology

An inter­est­ing muse on the nature of “curat­ed com­put­ing“and why the iPad is rel­e­vant to the future of infor­ma­tion tech­nol­o­gy. Note that I said infor­ma­tion tech­nol­o­gy; the _author_ is call­ing it computing.

More good news. Google will begin allow­ing https con­nec­tions to Encrypt­ed search­ing is now yours.I plan on using it.

Art, Images, and Design

Yeah I know there’s almost no excuse for post­ing some­thing this inane. But come on, pho­to­shopped dogs doing yoga. It just makes you smile.

Absolute­ly lus­cious travel posters. Adver­tis­ing steamship lines in Japan at the turn of the (last) cen­tu­ry. Some­thing here will inspire you for the day.

Friday Animation

Lost Howdy Doo­dy car­toon. Howdy Doo­dy and His Mag­ic Hat. Found in the dank con­fines of the LoC. Brought to you by the fine folks at Dinosaurs and Robots.

and that’s the week…

Oh, and some­body get this fixed for me ‘kay?  (min­ions, not minkies, clear­ly there are idiots in shipping.…)

Morning Linkage (Apr 8)


I’ve known of cou­ple of bike nuts from Alber­ta. Some­thing about the hor­ri­bly, long , dark win­ters leads to the cre­ation of awe­some bikes to be enjoyed dur­ing the 16 hour sum­mer days. Things like this love­ly Duc.

Oh so old school, oh so cool. A turquoise Indi­an. The details pics of the leaf springs will make you weep.

The Par­tridge Fam­i­ly was a sta­ple of my tween­er life and David Cas­sidy was on the cov­er of every dang issue of Tiger Beat for years. But I’m grown up now and sweet­ened up, hair band singer, wanna-bes do noth­ing for me. That bus they drove, on the oth­er hand, I’d still buy.



Olive trees show how sex­u­al dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion in plants can change over time. And why that change may remain incom­plete. Fas­ci­nat­ing botany and a reminder that gen­der is mutable.

The world’s old­est tree, it’s a some­what con­test­ed title. I mean, what exact­ly is a tree? and how do you mea­sure old? None-the-less, here’s scoop on 12 con­tenders. Includ­ing this tiny spruce in Swe­den named after a geol­o­gist’s dog.

Sci­ence on a larg­er scale. Tides are the result of the moon and the sun mess­ing about with the water float­ing around the Earth. There’s a nice set of expla­na­tions, some ques­tions answered, and sim­ple ani­mat­ed graphics 


Art, Images, and Design

The Chi­nese have a long tra­di­tion of ges­tur­al land­scape paint­ing. Sail has updat­ed the mate­ri­als and meth­ods but still pro­duces dreamy images of places you’d like to be. A plum tree on a wall in Shang­hai. Done with spray paint.

Bun­nies, bees, a baby rein­deer. Tulips, cher­ry blos­soms, and welling­ton boots. The Big Pic­ture has a round of spring images.  (And there’s a Magpie!)

Shep­ard Fairey brings his sig­na­ture style to a multi-cultural trib­ute on Mel­rose Ave.

the sun is out! the hail will return, no doubt.