Morning Linkage (Dec 9)

Cutaway draw­ings, a Honda bob­ber, and the fab Brough Superior. Looking for a lake in the desert, stom­ato­pod strikes. remem­ber­ing Stevie Ray, look­ing at Russian chil­dren’s books illus­tra­tor Boris Kalaushin. and goofy pic­tures of kids.

Morning Linkage (Oct 21)

All the Honda CBs you can use: CB450 cafe style, CB550 nice mods, CB750 police cruis­er. Racing in REDLINE com­ing in spring? Butterflies in the Amazon. Ghosties, ghoulies, and stuffed squir­rels. And if that’s not enough Guillermo Garcia Carsi’s cube fish.

Morning Linkage (Oct 18)

Nifty lit­tle Honda, vis­it­ing Shady Dell trail­er camp with Vincent. Webventions claims to own the rollover, a tin-can dog goes space trav­el­ing, Harper’s pulpy fall frock lay­out, Dave Steven’s real­ly under­stands the pow­er of women (in biki­nis, with ray­guns.) Stayin’ in the Wall. 

Morning Linkage (Sep 28)

Bolt Lightning — weird­est drag­ster ever, pho­tograph­ing your bike, a cou­ple of lit­tle won­ders — XL250 and C100. New mate­ri­als for bone regrowth sup­port, bio­lu­mi­nes­cence — why is the water glow­ing? Toast! A clever tape dis­penser, tiny art on a pad­lock, and some seri­ous­ly night­mare induc­ing furniture.