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Morning Linkage (Dec 1)


There may have been video from this Japan­ese live-action super hero series post­ed here before. But how can any­one resist this set of per­fect­ly posed pub­lic­i­ty shots. Not to men­tion that awe­some teal and red liv­er­ied mid-80’s Japan­ese dirt bike.

For more Japan­ese super­hero on bikes gig­gles try this search on the New Cafe Rac­er Society.

There will be opin­ions about this bike. The Sbay Fly­ing 1800.

Sub-300 pounds, 250 sin­gle, and not embar­rass­ing to look at. Per­haps a new cafe styled entry-level bike is just what the world needs. Tha Mis­fit.

Science — Images

Phy­to­plank­ton bloom off the coast of Namibia.

Play­ing with Giga­pan. Using robots to move cam­eras to cre­ate per­fect­ly stitch­able images. Zoom in, zoom out. A flock of hum­ming birds, a school of fish, and penguins.

Ultra­vi­o­let images of the Androm­e­da galaxy. The vis­i­ble light pic­tures obscure a lot of the details that the UV images pro­vide. (Nifty roll-over effect too.)

Art, Images, and Design

From yes­ter­day’s ani­ma­tion. The cre­ator Javier Oli­vares. Love his blocky style and the range of projects.


A stop motion film about … stop motion ani­ma­tion. (video 1:52)

car­ry on…

Morning Linkage (Aug 19)


I’m at it again with the tiny cus­toms. This non-NA mod­el Hon­da JX110 impress­es with a hand­made muf­fler.

At the oth­er extreme. large, low and very long. An Indi­an with a nod towards the bicy­cles of the 20’s.

The title says it all. Engine Porn. A well done pho­to of the RD33 engine put into such Sovi­et planes as the MiG29.


The Earth and the moon, togeth­er. As seen look­ing back from the Mes­sen­ger spacecraft.


What if GMO plants were used to cre­ate some­thing oth­er than food? Artist David Benque pro­pos­es mod­i­fi­ca­tion and selec­tive breed­ing to add cus­tom acoustics to a forest

More arti­fi­cial sounds — what hap­pens when you slow one of those ter­ri­ble songs by the boy phe­nom Justin Bieber by 800? You end up with some­thing that sounds like a Bri­an Eno air­port expe­ri­ence. But it’s weird­ly soothing.

Art, Images, and Design

Por­to. A col­lec­tion of ran­dom images tak­en by Miss K and pub­lished by the street art blog Stick 2 Target.


Visu­al apho­risms. 3.5 seconds.

Din­ner:  Keep calm and car­ry out