Morning Linkage (May 25)


Pure e‑powered hybrid sports car pron. Porsche 918. The 12 minute PR video. Ignore that crack about mod­er­ate dri­ving style.  You’re gonna need a smoke after this one.

First com­ment for the win. “German guy in Switzerland builds an American bike and gives it a Spanish name.: El marinero bor­ra­cho. Shovel head with gold leaf? it’s kin­da cool though.

Matte black, not-really an Indian but … swoon.

Science and Tech

Another stab at algae based fuels. This one mim­ic­k­ing the process of cre­at­ing oil from dinosaurs. Sort of.

Image mak­ing always finds a use for exist­ing tech­nolo­gies and push­es to find new one. In this demo reel, immer­sive media push­es it’s new imLive 360 expe­ri­ence. Pan around and catch the blast flash­es as you watch Texas Stadium come down around your ears. No music just explo­sions.

Art, Images, and Design

ID — nice design using human ges­ture to con­trol light­ing. A desk lamp worth having.

Okay, this is a lit­tle mind bog­gling. In 1883 the cir­cus came to Colchester VT . Posters were put up every where. Including one house where they were quick­ly cov­ered up with new sid­ing. And there they stood, until 1991 when the own­ers of the house decid­ed it was time to do some­thing about the decay­ing sid­ing. Off came the old sid­ing and what was seen? The cir­cus posters. Northeast Document Conservation Center’s web­site walks you through the process of tak­ing the posters down and pre­serv­ing them. As well as the cir­cus intrigue that their work revealed! Video slide show on site and  a link to the flickr set with commentary.

Christopher Walken — dead sexy.

off you go my freaky darlings,