Morning Linkage (Nov 4)

Green Hornet’s Black Beauty. Motos in the dirt, rid­ing the KTM 450, a tidy BMW R60, and a blue Triumph. Real time video manip­u­la­tion, Lego frog (not safe for chil­dren) and NASA’s rules about weath­er. A sketch, many artists in a sub­way sta­tion, Jimi Hendrix on a roller coast­er video.

Morning Linkage (Apr 23)

Transportation Don’t let the URL fool you. It’s a groovy Norton. For real? Dear lord, that’s way too much flower for me. Have $10K lying around? You might want to head over to the Duc deal­er and get one of these, and a mocha. 2011 Duc Monster 796. Yum. Honda goes two-wheel elec­tric. Japan only model …