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Morning Linkage (Dec 15)


3 from Asphalt and Rub­ber this AM.

I seem to be all about the black bikes late­ly. And Ducati has got­ten the mes­sage. The dis­as­trous­ly white Diav­el has got­ten a pre-release make-over and now comes in a much yum­mi­er Dia­mond Black. More rid­ing, less polishing.

And April­ia has the per­fect Xmas gift for your fav boy-racer. The RSV4 car­bon fiber fair­ing kit. Per­fect if you’re a bit more flush than most of us. 5K? Srsly? Damned pret­ty though.

I can­not explain the pic that goes with this post. Oth­er than to assume that I am not the only who could use an appetite sup­pres­sant dur­ing the hol­i­day (over) feed­ing sea­son. But the news appears to be real. Paris Hilton has flung a bunch of mon­ey at a cred­i­ble 125GP team.

Toys and Maps

The unfor­tu­nate­ly named Fuck Yeah Car­tog­ra­phy tum­blr. Many , many pages of maps. Some clever, some odd, some cheesy, some more art than maps. Links to the sources vary in their use­ful­ness but some lead on to won­der­lands of images and history.

It was inevitable. Food­ie Lego. A vil­lage bak­ery and Parisian green gro­cers. I’m not sure the local four-year old is gonna be pleased to see either of these under the tree instead of the next Star Wars set, but I’m going to have a great time on Xmas.

Art. Images, and Design

A love­ly print of a line of pranc­ing dev­ils. Matt Forsythe.

Episode One — Robots in film. The usu­al sus­pects from the ear­ly days are here. Maria, Gort, Rob­bie. And few that are new to me. Tobor? He looks like fun.

Fruit and Veg­gie Alphadeath. Maybe a few too many deaths by knife but there’s not many oth­er ways you can mur­der an egg­plant. (Click through to flickr)


Made for Mole­sk­ine by Rogi­er Wieland. Cut paper ani­ma­tion of dates in a plan­ner. Bonus dinosaur appear­ance. (1:07 — the sound track is grat­ing and you don’t need it)

Morning Linkage (Nov 24)


If the Lam­borgh­i­ni has been dropped from your new ride shop­ping list due to its fixed roof and slight­ly porky pro­file. You might want to recon­sid­er. The new Gal­lar­do. Lighter. Topless.

The main­te­nance guys’ Cush­man Carts were the object of deri­sion, prank­ing, and com­mon theft in col­lege. I guess we weren’t the only ones who secret­ly thought they were cool.

The horse track in Aarhaus Den­mark was giv­en over to the sport of motor(cycle) rac­ing in the 1950’s. Includ­ed on this Speed­way Life page are rac­ing pro­grams, pho­tographs, and race results. The pic­tures and draw­ings of the side­car rac­ing, like the one above, are espe­cial­ly fine. In the orig­i­nal Dan­ish.

Art, Images, and Design

Arrest­ed Motion’s best pho­tos of the ROA show in LA at Think­space. The work on accor­dioned reclaimed doors is good.

The Sher­lock Holmes sto­ries were not the only thing that A. Conan Doyle wrote. The Arthuri­an romance “The White Com­pa­ny” was illus­trat­ed by N.C. Wyeth and pub­lished by David McK­ay in 1922.

Paul Bun­yan, Babe the Blue Ox. Shaw Nielsen makes me hap­py by adding a cou­ple of masked birds as well.

A whim­si­cal lit­tle bit of met­al and the most won­der­ful turquoise enam­el ever. The cir­cus ring. (And go read Jon­ah Leslie’s bio and shop infor­ma­tion — cura­tion of goods in an internet-linked world.)

Animation and Science and Papercraft

Com­bin­ing live action, paper cos­tumes, and sex. How can you miss? Just to remind you that the first episodes of Sun­dance Chan­nel’s Seduce Me Sea­son 2 are up. For the moment they are unlink­able on the flash-based SC web­site. Expect links to the indi­vid­ual episodes as they come up on YouTube.

As a teas­er I’m giv­ing you this behind-the-scenes from Sea­son 1. (NSFW unless you are a zoologist.)

Morning Linkage (Oct 21)


Except for the choice of blue hoses, I can see this charm­ing CB550 being a some­one’s pride and joy in the ear­ly 80’s.

Love the paint. CB450. Yeah, anoth­er one.

1970 Japan. You do not want to see this police mod­el CB750 in your mir­rors. Orig­i­nal in Japan­ese (more pix)

(Bonus Trans­porta­tion Ani­ma­tion) REDLINE. Nope, it’s not mak­ing the lists of Christ­mas sea­son block busters. But we might get a look at Takeshi Koike’s rac­ing epic (with sub­ti­tles) in the Spring. Wicked cool, intra-galactic rac­ing. (Video — loud, vio­lent and full of aliens — oh and racing)


I should be much more hyped about the deep eco­log­i­cal impli­ca­tions of the work of Lucy and Jorge Orta, but real­ly I just want to watch the but­ter­flies. (Video with voice over. 1:40) More details on the multi-media instal­la­tion “Ama­zo­nia” at the Nat­ur­al His­to­ry Museum

Art, Images, and Design

If you need a lit­tle some­thing eldritch for your Hal­loween par­ty invites you could do no bet­ter than to con­sid­er one of Sid­ney Sime’s fine ghosties and ghoulies.

More grue­some images for late Octo­ber. The Wal­ter Pot­ter col­lec­tion has been (par­tial­ly) reassem­bled. “A fine exam­ple of Vic­to­ri­an whim­sy.” If your taste in whim­sy runs to stuffed squir­rels.

Pen and water­col­or. A lit­tle reminder to all those who don’t live here in Puge­topo­lis why we love it. Crisp, sun­ny, morn­ing in the ID.


Doomed, A bio­log­i­cal car­toon by Guiller­mo Gar­cia Car­si. Invert­ed hedge­hogs, coral par­rots, strange song­birds, and cube fish.  Click on the word Doomed to start the pre­view. Snork. (Video with voice-over. 1:07 — Flash)

Morning Linkage (Oct 8)

Transportation and Photography

1976 Benel­li 750 SEI. Pure sex appeal.

Real­ly big rock­et engines… and trains. A Soyuz gets to the launch pad.

Some­times you just need to know a guy. A guy whose grand­fa­ther raced Ital­ian motor­cy­cles in the 20’s and 30’s. A cache of pho­tos from Alfre­do Panel­la’s grand­son.

Pil­ing moun­tains of things on lit­tle wheeled vehi­cles. Brought to an art form in Shanghai.


Jor­dan Smith cre­ates the trail­er for Bryan Tal­bot’s graph­ic nov­el Grandville Mon Amour. (NSFW — ani­mal char­ac­ters engag­ing in noir violence)

Also noir but much more light-hearted, an addict and his poi­son. Key Lime Pie. Anoth­er cute Death. Blame Coil­house, I do.

and… it’s over, see you all next week,

Morning Linkage (Sep 9)


Rumors abound. And now there are pic­tures. The US Gran Prix cir­cuit in Austin TX.

A 1943 WLC (that’s a Harley-Davidson) has been sit­ting since 1950 wait­ing for some guy’s grand­son. Now it’s out of the base­ment in the hands of James of Jamesville Cus­toms. Hope­ful­ly for a straight for­ward min­i­mal restora­tion. It’s so love­ly just the way it is.

Yeah, real­ly. Where is the CB1100? Now that’s a per­fect­ly plain bike that I’d give house space.

Two dash­ing fel­lows and a trail­er of bikes. Jack and Frank Chiswell raced speed­ways in Britain in the 1930’s. Googling will get you bits and pieces of their history.


We all know it’s all about the draw­ings on They Draw, They Cook. Two nice­ly illus­trat­ed recipes for fall dish­es. Lentils and sausage by Jonathan Hawk­er… and a mush­room and pea risot­to by Weef.

Art, Images, and Design

Clichéd peas­ant girls. Hun­gar­i­an painter Oszkar Glatz depicts ide­al­ized young­sters. His palette is wonderful.

Mov­able archi­tec­ture, rit­u­al build­ings, and camp­ing. From Sau­di Aram­co World, an essay on the tent cities of Cen­tral Asia. Most of the images are click­able for larg­er views.

I point­ed you all to Male­on­n’s circus-themed, fairy­tale images about a year ago. There’s anoth­er fine set of sur­re­al pho­tographs called Sec­ond Hand Tang Poem, reviewed by Wurzel­tod. Also avail­able in larg­er size in a flash gallery:


A lit­tle music to enhance your day. Make a Blues Song. A per­fect use of Flash to dri­ve a lit­tle browser-based app. Com­pose a blues song and hear it played just for you (or share your creation.)

until tomor­row then my dears,

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