Morning Linkage (Nov 4)

Green Hornet’s Black Beauty. Motos in the dirt, rid­ing the KTM 450, a tidy BMW R60, and a blue Triumph. Real time video manip­u­la­tion, Lego frog (not safe for chil­dren) and NASA’s rules about weath­er. A sketch, many artists in a sub­way sta­tion, Jimi Hendrix on a roller coast­er video.

Morning Linkage (Jul 8)

Vintage bikes under Paris, Station wag­ons — some are cool, crypto­forestry, giant crab sheds it’s shell, Play Me I’m Yours, Peskimo does munchins for Mozilla, Ellis Nadler’s Cards of Wu will make the lit­tle hairs on your neck stand up, Hobbit in Russian.

Morning Linakge (Apr 16)

Random Day after Tax Day tab clos­ing exer­cise. Transportation Classic Lambretta scoot­er ads. New ads for the M‑B G class. Making images from the land­scape — in this case sand and stones. ———– Art, Images, and Design From Olson Kundig — a tow­er of iso­la­tion on the edge of a for­est. * Cutting up oil paintings … 

Morning Linkage (Mar 3)

Transportation This is so damned close to a tri­als bike, an under­pow­ered tri­als bike. The wheel size dif­fer­ence is odd. But what the heck. There are girls pic­tured. FX-Mountain Moto. Google earth now has pic­tures of Pima and the air­plane bone­yard. Bamboo ped­al bike frames. Wicked cool mate­r­i­al sci­ence and engi­neer­ing. (Thanks M2) ——————— Science …