Morning Linkage (Jan 19)

A huey flies over SF, get­ting around with­out left turns, Bultaco resto, images from Dakar. Martian blue sun­sets, sen­sor tech for phones. A wolf & some trees — fab in Lego, Banksy as a brand, Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Zoo. Lasse Persson’s Bikini.

Morning Linkage (Nov 4)

Green Hornet’s Black Beauty. Motos in the dirt, rid­ing the KTM 450, a tidy BMW R60, and a blue Triumph. Real time video manip­u­la­tion, Lego frog (not safe for chil­dren) and NASA’s rules about weath­er. A sketch, many artists in a sub­way sta­tion, Jimi Hendrix on a roller coast­er video.

Morning Linkage (Oct 7)

Radio Flyer, Hell’s Angels, Deus does Moulin Rouge — oh those forks. BrickCon’s amaz­ing con­struc­tions, and look­ing at the world from the top of a crane. Illustration col­or rela­tion­ships, Jacek Yerka’s liv­ing land­scapes, and a sweet Pippi.