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Morning Linkage (Aug 16)


That gasp you just heard, that was my sweet baboo when he saw this fine Nor­ton in BRG.

Oshkosh Trucks, mak­ers of severe duty firetrucks. 0–50 in 35 sec­onds? That’s slooooow. But it has roof mount­ed water cannons.

H2 resto. If you know what this is you’re gonna be real­ly hap­py. If you don’t, well then ask…

Science and Cooking

If you have any young boys in the room you might want to send them out to play. At least until you fig­ure out a gen­tle way to explain this to them. The heart break­ing news from dino land is that there might not actu­al­ly be a tricer­atops. Uh huh. The three horned sav­age might actu­al­ly be the juve­nile form of the big­ger but some­what dull torosaurus.

O’Reil­ly is often the pub­lish­er of first resort for geek­i­ness. Now they are stretch­ing the bound­ary of what’s geeky. With recipes. A tech-ish review of Jeff Pot­ter’s “Cook­ing for Geeks” by James Kalbach.

Art, Images, and Design

Linked to by sev­er­al friends on Face­book. Ear­ly col­or pho­tographs, many repro­duced from slides. Very effec­tive depic­tions of a time in Amer­i­can his­to­ry that most of us have only seen in black and white.

Look­ing at our­selves. The idea of doing a cou­ple of 50’s “look­ing toward the future” style ads for Face­book et al sounds like a lot of fun. Add in a lit­tle Russ­ian per­spec­tive and you get some of the best sound­ing par­o­dies ever.

This past week­end was a good week­end; camp­ing, cook­ing, mete­or watch­ing, etc. Lawrence Cox has cap­tured the sense of adven­tur­ous free­dom bril­liant­ly in his illus­tra­tion of a run-away dog.

so off you go into your week,

Morning Linkage (Jun 28)


One of the nec­es­sary but con­fus­ing parts of trav­el­ing is fig­ur­ing out the taxi sys­tem in var­i­ous coun­tries. How do I hail a taxi? Do I nego­ti­ate? Do I tip? Is it safe for sin­gle females? What the heck does a taxi look like any­way? In Japan they might just have one of these cute lit­tle signs on top. (Pho­to gallery nav­i­ga­tion challenge.)

Cus­tom scoot­er. No clue. No com­ment. Well, okay, maybe that he should trim the tie-ties. Equal­ly bizarre trans­la­tion of the web­site by Google here.

Pre­vi­ous­ly men­tioned here for a video of a cus­tom bike arriv­ing at a tea cer­e­mo­ny (seri­ous­ly.) This new vid of cus­tom builder Shinya Kimu­ra cap­tures the mood and atti­tude of the builder and his bikes. Pure Mon­day morn­ing inspi­ra­tion. My favorite of his bikes, for the moment. The Bar­racu­da.


Think­ing about air­space and air­space reg­u­la­tions. The  ref­er­enced arti­cle is good. The pro­posed “muse­um” is intriguing.

Map­ping the degree of touristy. No, I did­n’t make that word up, some­one else did. Heat map of photo-tag fre­quen­cy gives you an idea how many cam­era tot­ing dweebs you are like­ly to encounter.

Art, Images, and Design

Tim Flach high­lights the exag­ger­at­ed, almost freak­ish, per­fec­tion of his sub­jects — show dogs, bats, and oth­er ani­mals. Watch the dog walk across the screen and then click on Port­fo­lio. NSFW after image #38.

Cathy Gat­land gives a quick look at the World Cup fever sweep­ing SA with a cou­ple of street cor­ner por­traits.


A nice set of black and white inter­fer­ence illu­sions. Sooth­ing music.

Not real­ly ani­ma­tion but pup­pets. The coarse­ly vio­lent ori­gins of the mup­pets; Hen­son did ads for Wilk­in’s Cof­fee. Poor Won­tkins gets done-in in amaz­ing ways.

Off you go now…

Morning Linkage (Apr 23)


Don’t let the URL fool you. It’s a groovy Nor­ton. For real? Dear lord, that’s way too much flower for me.

Have $10K lying around? You might want to head over to the Duc deal­er and get one of these, and a mocha. 2011 Duc Mon­ster 796. Yum.

Hon­da goes two-wheel elec­tric. Japan only mod­el the EV-neo. Avail­able for lease at the end of the year. A new busi­ness mod­el for the prob­lem of rapid­ly devel­op­ing elec­tric vehi­cle tech mak­ing this year’s mod­el obso­lete before you’ve fin­ished mak­ing the payments.


The role of Asi­a’s some­times mas­sive spring dust storms in the weath­er of the Pacif­ic Northwest.

Dr. Clelia Duel Mosh­er taught at Stan­ford Uni­ver­si­ty at the turn of the last cen­tu­ry. Her work includ­ed in depth stud­ies of wom­en’s sex­u­al atti­tudes in the late 19th cen­tu­ry. Work that remained buried in the Stan­ford archives until 1973.

Art, Images, and Design

21 con­dom ads you won’t see here in the Unit­ed States of Puri­tan. Some of these are damned fun­ny. (Love the water bot­tles — sub­tle and would fit right into a Seat­tle mag­a­zine, what with our ded­i­ca­tion to the sport­ing life.)

Dum­fries Scot­land. A land­scape whose plants are irrel­e­vant. Stone and met­al objects that visu­al­ize the basic tenets of math and physics. Utter­ly nerd cool.

Strong lines and vibrant col­ors makes Julie Oak­ley one of my favorite urban sketchers.

and that’s that…
see you next week.

Morning Linakge (Apr 16)

Ran­dom Day after Tax Day tab clos­ing exercise.


Clas­sic Lam­bret­ta scoot­er ads.

New ads for the M‑B G class. Mak­ing images from the land­scape — in this case sand and stones.


Art, Images, and Design

From Olson Kundig — a tow­er of iso­la­tion on the edge of a forest. *

Cut­ting up oil paint­ings on can­vas to make social com­men­tary. I knew all those “repli­cas” would be put to good use even­tu­al­ly. Check out Wash­ing­ton cross­ing the Delaware, with a lit­tle help. Titus Kaphir.

The Selvedge Yard brings the ten­der bits of New York City in the 1970’s to life with the pic­tures and words of Allan Tan­nen­baum. I“m not sure you can describe what I feel as nos­tal­gia, more of a grind­ing familiarity.

Sim­ple, sweet, and to the point. A clever visu­al for Fedex. Lon­don -> Madrid.



Lush visu­als and music bring the chil­dren’s book La gran orques­tra de los ani­males, to life. A jour­ney from the coun­try­side to the city for fame and for­tune, and back. and then back again.

… and anoth­er week goes in the books.

* One of the part­ners in the firm Olson Kundig is a relative.

Morning Linkage (Apr 7)


New vehi­cle con­trol sys­tems are always pop­u­lar with the bored press. This is one of the best… (that makes no sense.) xBox con­trol inte­gra­tion — very well done.

XS650 min­i­mal­ist update.

Coolest trans­porta­tion sec­tor job ever… WSDOT’s aer­i­al pho­tog­ra­ph­er.


Society, Culture, Literature

Because no one real­ly wants the hand­writ­ten word to dis­ap­pear. What is you could make your email into snail mail com­plete with a rout­ing map. Yes, I know it’s a con­cept piece. Now get out there and build me one.

Once I have the will to return to writ­ing real let­ters I’ll need is some decent let­ter­head. Among the many exam­ples on the site Let­ter­Heady is this sim­ple but unmis­tak­able sheet from Theodor Geisel.


Art, Images, and Design

Amaz­ing… I think I might over use that word… but tru­ly this will blow your mind. Bovey Lee cuts rice paper with xac­to knives. Del­i­cate, detailed, and not quite as pre­cious as you’d think. Her port­fo­lio site flash based. But if you like what you see on here on Paper Carve go and spend some time with Tsuna­mi Enmeshed.

Ves­pa scoot­er ads have been always been clever — a col­lec­tion of recent ones from around the world fea­tures, car win­dow cute outs, invis­i­ble pin-up girls, inter-dimensional trav­el and, oh course,  butterflies.



Blue bohemi­an, a hep cat makes a dr suess­ian rhyme about a sadis­tic piano builder and the theft of all the finest musi­cal cats.. Paris? Moroc­co? Hell? (Dis­turb­ing)

It’s always something.