Morning Linkage (Nov 12)

Vintage bike pics, and a vin­tage Norton Manx, sex in space (sor­ry.) The lying down game? Cut paper sil­hou­ettes, a Miro print. A lit­tle ani­ma­tion about find­ing friends and a longer ani­ma­tion about cre­at­ing the world. (Man-Doh, :snork:)

Morning Linakge (Oct 4)

Paintin’ at the Cadillac Ranch, Discovery on Cafe Racers, Din Tai Fung Speed Stunut Troupe. Sending a lit­tle cam­era into space requires a heli­um bal­loon and some hand warm­ers. the WebP image for­mat debuts. New wall by Vhils, an unavail­able object of desire, swing­ing din­ner. A lit­tle sto­ry about wait­ing fro the bus in the rain.