Morning Linkage (Dec 9)

Cutaway draw­ings, a Honda bob­ber, and the fab Brough Superior. Looking for a lake in the desert, stom­ato­pod strikes. remem­ber­ing Stevie Ray, look­ing at Russian chil­dren’s books illus­tra­tor Boris Kalaushin. and goofy pic­tures of kids.

Morning Linkage (Nov 2)

White is not a good col­or on some bikes, Wes Siler from Hell for Leather, tin toys, and a Bonneville I am unde­cid­ed about. How big is Africa? Paris Review author inter­views now on-line for all to read — most awe­some. Nordic mon­sters and Japanese ghosts. Vintage pack­ag­ing. What hap­pens when the sea mon­sters inter­fere in your relationships.

Morning Linkage (Apr 22)

Transportation Hello Kitty tank — is there noth­ing that can not be made more ridicu­lous with the addi­tion of pink paint and that evil feline? I have a soft spot for Scramblers. Maybe I’m just old school that way. This one belongs to some guy named Mike — he’s work­ing his way through his ’06 doing the …