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Morning Linkage (Nov 2)


New nom­i­nee for the ugli­est bike ever. White, chopped to bits, and oh dear god fug­ly.

I often point the moto-heads in my crowd to arti­cles at Hell for Leather. Here Bike­EXIF talks to one half of the Hell for Leather team. Wes Siler. (A lit­tle fluffy, but there you have it.)

I have no idea, but these are the best tin-toy bikes I’ve ever seen.

Yes? No? 1970’s Bon­neville.

Information in Words and Pictures

Visu­al­ly pre­sen­ta­tion of sim­ple facts. Africa is big­ger than the Unit­ed States, India, and Chi­na com­bined. Enough big­ger to have room for France, Spain, Italy, Ger­many, Italy, and most of east­ern Europe and still not full. I was sur­prised to find the Japan is near­ly as big as Italy. I think of Japan as being very small and crowded.

I have, over the years, bought many of the print­ed bound col­lec­tions of the Paris Review’s inter­views with authors. Now you can read all of them. (from the 1950 on) Your favorite author is like­ly to be here some­where and the chances of dis­cov­er­ing an author you’d like to read more of is pret­ty dan­ged high. (via lisa gold)

Art, Images, and Design

I love these Nordic mon­sters drawn on a sim­ple post-it. Espe­cial­ly the rein­deer peo­ple he post­ed on Sept 7th. John Kenn

Oh lordy, more Japan­ese folk­lore mon­sters. This time ghost sto­ries with a more mod­ern feel and paint­ed by Matthew Mey­er. Can’t get enough of this stuff.

Today’s visu­al inspi­ra­tion — vin­tage house­hold prod­ucts pack­ag­ing. What can you make out of teal, mus­tard, and brown? Oh, and ser­ifs. I miss serifs.


I went from this annoy­ing inter­net meme. (Bat­man and kit­tens ) to the Vimeo port­fo­lio of the cre­ator Pol­ly Guo. and found this. Maybe the guy’s ex-girlfriend had a point about  the sea mon­sters?

Morning Linkage (Aug 6)


Watch­ing moto-cop drill teams is always a hoot. Please note that this team is lit­tle extra spe­cial. *Tokyo* motor police and all women. 2 videos, a bunch of stills.

Givin’ away the goods. Visu­al grat­i­fi­ca­tion is a reli­able source of good-looking and good to look at bikes. It also has a “com­mu­ni­ty” page fea­tur­ing oth­er bike blogs. Here’s a run down of some of the best of the bunch. Along with sam­ple pics from each.

Again from Visu­al Grat. Over the top details of the Con­fed­er­ate P120 as revealed in a spe­cial email to subscribers.

More fine details. This time on a XJR 1200. Triples, fork brace, and blue on the calipers.

From huge to tiny. The Suzu­ki EN125 pop­u­lates S.E. Asia like fruit flies on old bananas. And some­times gets used to cre­ate nifty lit­tle buzz-bombs like this one.

Tech and Science

Again with the hack­ers, def­con, and the sup­posed high secu­ri­ty locks. Always a good sto­ry and always a good reminder that secu­ri­ty is more than a bet­ter lock.

Goby. With a name like that it’s got­ta be a weird fish — and it is. Trash-eater.

Art, Images, and Design

I did­n’t know that those vicious­ly ugly con­crete build­ing of the 50’s and 60’s (and their even worse revival in 70’s aca­d­e­m­ic set­tings) had a style name. Bru­tal­ism. Per­fect fit. Andy Spain is not so dis­mis­sive as I am. His black and white pho­tographs bring as much beau­ty to these build­ings as any­one ever will be able to.

Day dream­ers hide-away. I can’t find the orig­i­nal image but this is too won­der­ful to pass up.

Pho­to­shop is the most overused tool in the uni­verse. Some­days. And then oth­er days you see it put to use to reveal the world in a new light.  The ghosts of WWII merge with the present in these dual image pho­tographs cre­at­ed by Sergey Larenkov.

Nice lit­tle joke with your morn­ing cof­fee if you slop a bit over the edge of the cup.

Friday Animation

A three­some. All with some con­nec­tion to Goo­by Herms.

El Kabong — done for Car­toon Net­work. A horse, some more hors­es, and a bad guy.  Mex­i­can cin­e­ma lam­poon. Look for the Nation­al Steel near the end. (1:57)

5 words that sound dirty but aren’t. For Chick­lets. I’m all over the gum and ink draw­ing style. (0:15)

Love­ly and lyric, ani­mat­ed intro for a doc­u­men­tary film about danc­ing in PR. Bom­ba y ple­na. (1:30)

now go play out­side if you’re to make all that racket.