Transportation — Pretty Bike Thursday

I do not have the time to crawl through the moun­tain­ous pile of images on ADV Rid­er. Luck­i­ly I have friends who do. MV Augus­ta 750S.

Anoth­er bit of his­to­ry goes up for auc­tion.  Bob­by Sirkegian’s 1953 Tri­umph drag rac­er “Pret­ty Boy II

A nice lit­tle RD400 cus­tom. Noth­ing extra, just enough to make it sweet. Nice resurrection.


I have a lot of pho­tog­ra­phers among my read­ers. So the occa­sion­al pho­to­graph­ic DIY is always wel­come. Maybe you all would like to learn a lit­tle about cap­tur­ing images of the sun? Wired Sci­ence brings you the sto­ry and tech­niques behind Alan Fried­man’s mind blow­ing sun photo.

Art, Images, and Design

Not your dad­dy’s Dis­ney. Four great muta­tions of the Mouse and the Duck. Then four rather dull and pre­dictable waifish girls. And then… then, Odo cre­ates some Ben­der fabulousness.

Paco Pomet’s quirky, spooky paint­ings. Click around a bit. You’ll espe­cial­ly like Fab­u­la (far right col­umn — 4th down.)

Vincent.zp is a fan of pack­ag­ing and indus­tri­al design. Among his many col­lec­tions is a Flickr stream of face pow­der box­es. Calm, love­ly pack­ag­ing for a prod­uct not often seen today. The Three Flow­ers box was post­ed on Amy Cre­hore’s blog last week. And the masked char­ac­ter on this box of Cipria Masche­ri­na is my cur­rent favorite. There are dozens of oth­er inspir­ing images to found here.


God, I hate OK GO music, but seri­ous­ly, ani­ma­tion on toast. It can’t fail. Bonus fish play­ing a guitar.

I’m off to be very cul­tured (Picas­so exhib­it, din­ner date, and then the sym­pho­ny) behave your­selves while I’m out.