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Morning Linkage (Apr 15)


Nice T‑shirt graph­ic fea­tur­ing the Pan­non­ia TFL Deluxe 1959.
You can’t order any­thing if you have a real­ly small screen because their web­site has lost it’s scroll bars. Bummer.

The Thistle­gorm went down in the Red Sea in May of 1941 while car­ry­ing sup­plies for the British Army in Africa. Among the many items now rest­ing one the sea bed are 400 motor­cy­cles. Includ­ing this Tri­umph 3TW. Click­ing on the pic­tures will get you the full ver­sions. (Page trans­lat­ed from Italian)

Odd lit­tle air­plane engine. A flat twin stood on it’s side.



Wired Sci­ence has an inter­view with Eli Kin­tisch author of Hack the Planet
in the lead up to the Ali­so­mar con­fer­ence on reg­u­lat­ing geo-engineering.

And Jeff Goodall gives us an after the fact sum­ma­ry of the con­fer­ence.


Art, Images, and Design

Bam­boo is quick­ly becom­ing a wide­ly accept­ed “green” mate­r­i­al for all sorts of house­hold prod­ucts includ­ing table­ware, stor­age con­tain­ers, and dec­o­ra­tive pieces. Brit Leissler recent­ly trav­eled around Viet­nam and sent a mas­sive col­lec­tion of pho­tographs from the vil­lages and towns where the bamboo-ware is made. The nav­i­ga­tion is a lit­tle con­fus­ing, click on the first image in the “wall” to start look­ing at the images.

Del­i­cate­ly drawn and light­ly col­ored. The humans shown in the work of the Chi­nese artist called Muxi exist on the bound­ary of man and animal.



Think your mon­ey works for you? Mus­cle­beaver would like to show you the truth. Well done prim­i­tive ani­ma­tion of green­backs doing what green­backs wan­na do. (NSFW)

tax day, raf­fle day, sun­ny day, take your pick.

Morning Linkage (Mar 3)


This is so damned close to a tri­als bike, an under­pow­ered tri­als bike. The wheel size dif­fer­ence is odd. But what the heck. There are girls pic­tured. FX-Mountain Moto.

Google earth now has pic­tures of Pima and the air­plane bone­yard.

Bam­boo ped­al bike frames. Wicked cool mate­r­i­al sci­ence and engi­neer­ing. (Thanks M2)



Cook­ing made us human? A look at the fos­sil record and what it has to say about the rise of big brains and cooked food.

A bit of back­ground on what an EVA entails and a guess at what it might cost.



Project Guten­berg is now putting up a dai­ly RSS feed of new addi­tions. I find it help­ful to have less than the entire­ty of PG to browse when look­ing for some­thing to read. A few days ago I found : La Sor­cière: The Witch of the Mid­dle Ages by Jules Michelet. Lush bor­der­ing in hys­ter­i­cal, when you get to this sen­tence in the intro­duc­tion you just know you’re going to stick around to see the end.

Witch­es they are by nature.” It is a gift pecu­liar to woman and her
tem­pera­ment. By birth a fay, by the reg­u­lar recur­rence of her ecstasy
she becomes a sibyl. By her love she grows into an enchantress. By her
sub­tle­ty, by a rogu­ish­ness often whim­si­cal and benef­i­cent, she becomes
a Witch; she works her spells; does at any rate lull our pains to rest
and beguile them.”


Art, Design, Architecture, and Images

Hydro-floors. How to have a pool and a yoga stu­dio in one space. It’s vast­ly cool.

A bit of a snick­er here. The com­mon milk cre­ate is essen­tial to camp­ing, even if you’re trav­el­ing by space capsule.

Charles Harp­er was a pro­lif­ic mid-century illus­tra­tor whose style you will rec­og­nize. In a nice mix of two of my favorite things, his  illus­tra­tions for the Bet­ty Crock­er Din­ner for Two Cook­book. Scans on Flickr. I agree with Matt from Drawn, this one should be rewrit­ten and reis­sued with the orig­i­nal illos.

Tilt-shift video. Yes, video. A day in the life of NYC. Sam O’Hare. (Music)

I’m run­ning late, le sigh.