Morning Linkage (Oct 7)


You *can* go back in time. To your happy tod­dler days. With this grownup sized Radio Flyer.

LIFE’s archives have yielded a num­ber of motor­cy­cle themed col­lec­tions. A friend recently reminded me of the 1948 Day­tona set you’ve seen here before. There’s a new set of images. All but one of these Hell’s Angels images from 1965 were never pub­lished. A reminder of a time when HA was more about bikes, rid­ing, and carous­ing than cor­po­rate struc­ture and meth dis­tri­b­u­tion deals.

New from Deus. Le Moulin Rouge. Sim­plic­ity. The front forks intrigue me. 2 gal­leries, use the scroll bar at the bot­tom to view.

Engi­neer­ing, Construction

Legos. Brick­Con 2010. Photo overview. Lov­ing the dinosaurs.

Bldg­blog dis­cusses the doc­u­men­tary “The Soli­tary Life of Cranes” by Eva Weber who is also respon­si­ble for “City of Cranes.”  The life and out­look of the men who sit in the lit­tle cab at the top of the tallest objects in our cities — the con­struc­tion cranes.

Art, Images, and Design

Color wheels are an ubiq­ui­tous tool for design­ers but they didn’t always exist. Imprint takes a look at the his­tory of illus­trat­ing color rela­tion­ships from line charts, to wheels, to spheres, to a fab­u­lous set of umbrel­las. (2 parts)

From Ani­malar­ium, the most crea­ture like of Jacek Yerka’s softly col­ored, dreamt of ani­mals. And more of his meta­mor­phic land­scapes.

If only my hair was still long enough to braid. The best girl in the world. Pippi.

be good to your­selves today,