Morning Linkage (Jan 19)

A huey flies over SF, get­ting around with­out left turns, Bultaco resto, images from Dakar. Martian blue sun­sets, sen­sor tech for phones. A wolf & some trees — fab in Lego, Banksy as a brand, Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Zoo. Lasse Persson’s Bikini.

Morning Linkage (Mar 29)

Transportation Awesome. Okay, it’s Photoshop. I don’t care. BTW the orig­i­nal bike pics are shiny too. (Ouch — need shades.) Living here out­side of Seattle, the biggest user of mem­o­ry space in my brain is pot­hole loca­tions. I don’t real­ly dri­ve like a stoned mon­key. I just look like it as I avoid the multitude …