Morning Linkage (Dec 9)

Cutaway draw­ings, a Honda bob­ber, and the fab Brough Superior. Looking for a lake in the desert, stom­ato­pod strikes. remem­ber­ing Stevie Ray, look­ing at Russian chil­dren’s books illus­tra­tor Boris Kalaushin. and goofy pic­tures of kids.

Morning Linkage (Jul 6)

If it weighs 800 pounds can it real­ly be a go-cart? Bosozuko cul­ture — cars and bikes, Bernardet side­cars, but­ter­flies and fire flies, sci­ence jobs, Peter Tyalor rolly-pollys, Demund Dulac illus­tra­tions and the adven­tures of a lost bear. Kooky Returns.

Morning Linkage (Mar 11)

Transportation You’ve seen the pic­tures of the hacked togeth­er ones but here’s the real deal. Motorcycle side-car based cam­era mount. The fab­ri­ca­tion qual­i­ty blows me away. Based on a 6 cylin­der 1500cc what? Seats 4. Sexy enough to make me con­sid­er a elec­tric car. Almost. Or I could buy one and put a real engine in … 

Morning Linkage (Mar 2)

Transportation The F1 safe­ty car. M‑B SLS AMG. My very favorite alpha­bet soup car. The rear light­ing is par­tic­u­lar­ly styl­ish. Vintagent pro­vides anoth­er fas­ci­nat­ing sto­ry from yes­ter­year. A 1967 “pro­duc­tion” bike class at the Isle of Man TT led to the cre­ation of a spe­cial Velocette Thruxton. Tales of it’s suc­cess­es and fail­ures. Loverly. In-car …