Morning Linkage (Oct 21)

All the Honda CBs you can use: CB450 cafe style, CB550 nice mods, CB750 police cruis­er. Racing in REDLINE com­ing in spring? Butterflies in the Amazon. Ghosties, ghoulies, and stuffed squir­rels. And if that’s not enough Guillermo Garcia Carsi’s cube fish.

Morning Linkage (Jul 6)

If it weighs 800 pounds can it real­ly be a go-cart? Bosozuko cul­ture — cars and bikes, Bernardet side­cars, but­ter­flies and fire flies, sci­ence jobs, Peter Tyalor rolly-pollys, Demund Dulac illus­tra­tions and the adven­tures of a lost bear. Kooky Returns.