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Morning Linkage (Dec 8)


The odd sto­ry of George Dis­teel and his hoard­er’s col­lec­tion of motor­cy­cles. Which I give to you most­ly because the dog in the first pic­ture of Dis­teel, late and crazy in his life, clear­ly shows a Bou­vi­er des Flan­ders. Prov­ing that good taste in motor­cy­cles and good taste in dogs often go together.

Get­ting a bike that fits right and looks good is tough. Or was that shoes? Nope bike. Help is at hand. Cycle Ergo takes your mea­sure­ments and plops a lit­tle man­nequin built like you onto any one of hun­dreds of bikes. Though it claims that your rather petite cura­tor of shiny can flat foot a K1600 GLT. I am skeptical.

Speak­ing of the salt. (We were just yes­ter­day) Tri­umph — mod­i­fied. Pret­ti­est sil­ver bike ever. Ever.


We were just dis­cussing these mag­nets in the shop the oth­er day. Neodymi­um mag­nets are such a geeky won­der. Tiny lit­tle bits of (nickel-plated) met­al that grab on and won’t let go. You can get all sorts from K & J Mag­net­ics. But more impor­tant­ly you can get their newslet­ter with stuff like this: “How Neodymi­um Mag­nets are Made.”

Art, Images, and Design

A hand­ful of San­jeev Joshi’s quick sketch­es from Istanbul.

I know of Cliff Roberts only from car­toons in my father’s New York­er mag­a­zines. Turns out he did some won­der­ful chil­dren’s books as well. I so want a copy of Thomas — he’s cer­tain­ly the finest cat I’ve seen this fall.

Though odd­ly, I do recall a copy of Langston Hugh­es’ First Book of Jazz also illus­trat­ed by Cliff Roberts. I just nev­er con­nect­ed the two.

Fas­ci­na­tion with 60’s and 70’s design. There are pho­tog­ra­phers who seek out and cap­ture images of the every­day objects that filled our lives and homes. Brows­ing in this col­lec­tion can fill up your inspi­ra­tion well in just a cou­ple of min­utes. (via phil k)

Morning Linkage (Mar 23)


Re the TTXGP shift to trust/co-op struc­ture for the sanc­tion­ing body.
Giv­ing the teams own­er­ship of the series. Bril­liant or bound to fail?

HD to return to pri­vate own­er­ship with the help of pri­vate equi­ty firm
KKR? More than a week lat­er HOG stock prices are still enjoy­ing the
rumor based bounce.

Mean­while, in Italy Ducati and Piag­gio are rumored to be think­ing about
join­ing forces.

Doing up an old bike, Montes­sa Scor­pi­on. Late 60s.

The newest Ford Police Inter­cep­tor comes at you in 2011/2012. Nice illo of
the front light pat­tern. Com­mit this to mem­o­ry. There will be a quiz.


Science and Tech

New col­or cod­ed image shows where all the space dust lives. The
resem­blance to cir­rus clouds is amaz­ing.  Pure space pr0n.


Tools and Gadgets

Most of the met­al I work with is non-ferrous. But if you spend a lot
of time fish­ing for small bits and parts while wrench­ing, you might
want one of  these handy mag­net­ic wrist bands.


Art, Images, and Design

Seri­ous­ly, which movie/TV ver­sions of com­ic book char­ac­ters have had
the best inter­pre­ta­tions of the heroes cos­tumes? Do *not* skip the

A nice bio/obit of the illus­tra­tor Robert McCall whose images of space
and the future you’ve all seen. He cre­at­ed posters for 2001: A Space

Yuko Shimizu drew a cov­er for the ‘Now Hear This’ free­bie CD each month
for The Word mag­a­zine. the assign­ment recent­ly end­ed and she’s posted
a good hand­ful of her favorites. Girls with musi­cal imple­ments. I love
the play lists.

Thanks for wait­ing so patient­ly for Morn­ing Link­age to resume.