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Morning Linkage (Jan 24)


Oooh, this is gonna make some folks cringe. If the point of spend­ing all that trans­porta­tion mon­ey is to cre­ate jobs then maybe we’re not doing the right thing? Bike paths for the win.

Is this the mod­ern inter­pre­ta­tion of the cafe rac­er? A striped down, almost purpose-built bike with out­sider street cred? No. It is a street fight­er — the bike class that has replaced the cafe rac­er as the mad man’s built to suit machine. I have to agree with the com­menters on this one though. The Scoop maybe very pret­ty but it is not as adver­tised on the package.

Yes, I have a seri­ous case of idol wor­ship when it comes to Shiny Kimu­ra. Any­thing I can find that offers an insight into his artis­tic mind is cat­nip. Today’s dose, an inter­view and pho­to set from Paul at Vintagent.


Through­out his­to­ry the sud­den appear­ance and dis­ap­pear­ance of fea­tures and fig­ures in the night sky have been tak­en as por­tents and omens. I can’t wait to see what hap­pens when Betel­geuse goes super nova. The sky will sud­den­ly seem to have a sec­ond sun in it. Could be as ear­ly as, well, like today. Okay 640 years ago but inter­stel­lar tele­graph sys­tem being what it is we won’t know until this evening at the ear­li­est. Or it could be anoth­er mil­lion years or so. Still some­thing to look for­ward to, no?

Art, Images, and Design

It’s Mon­day, I’m in the mood to gut some­thing and leave steam­ing piles of entrails about the place to fright­en and con­fuse the interns…

The first time you see one of these words fold­ed into, or is that out of, a book, you think wow, that’s so cool. About the fifth image you yawn. But still, every­one should get to have the first — oh wow.

Sev­en Irv­ing Penn por­traits. I nev­er tire of Pen­n’s work. No mat­ter how many times I have seen an image it always says some­thing more to me the next time. This Selvedge Yard piece is a nice intro­duc­tion to Pen­n’s work that ends with the artist’s words. “In por­trait pho­tog­ra­phy there is some­thing more pro­found we seek inside a per­son, while being painful­ly aware that a lim­i­ta­tion of our medi­um is that the inside is record­able only so far as it is appar­ent on the outside.’

car­ry on…

Morning Linkage (Oct 29)


Tiny bikes on the salt at Bon­neville. 61+ mph from 50ccs. Scott Guthrie Rac­ing as it in for the mini-bike crowd. More about Scott Guthrie and his  more con­ven­tion­al LSRs.

Some­times not fix­ing all of the dam­age is the right way to go. This H‑D tank was cleaned up, giv­en a fin­ish sand­ing, and then waxed. The char­ac­ter shines through.

Art, Images, and Design

Pho­tos that are pret­ty at first glance and then they chal­lenge you to see the ugly, and then the beau­ty, and then anoth­er lay­er of ugly… This set is “The Ways of Salt.” Felix Cid.(NSFW- artis­tic nudity)

28 vin­tage man­ga cov­ers. Like you thought this was a new thing?

Most­ly crabs — a few oth­er sea crea­tures with claws. Hap­py pictures.


Adorable, sense­less gore.“Kill Your Cowork­ers” has the robots on parade going a lit­tle hay­wire. Bare­ly col­ored frame­works mean that the fly­ing heads are rough cubes and the blood that flows is kin­da like a water fall of Lego. Cre­ator Mike Win­kle­man has made the C4D files free to the world and eager­ly awaits the twist­ed genius results. (Video 3:04)

Pointless Holiday Picture

I just want to be able to use this pic­ture as the post image for today
Hap­py Hal­loween y’all

Morning Linkage (May 14)


Wretched excess, the new Porsche 911.

Would you leave this under­stat­ed beau­ty behind if you were mov­ing over­seas? I think not.

Look­ing a bit too much like Wolver­ine in squid­ly guise, hold­ing a white chi­na tea cup, and rat­tling on. Road rac­er Guy Mar­tin gives the BBC an inter­view and you get a snick­er. (There’s a love­ly east­er egg in the video. Check the comments.)


Yeah, we put some sharks in our aquar­i­um. We don’t think they’ll eat a whole lot of the exhib­it. Uh huh. Look at what ate the shark. Ignore the ‘scary’ nar­ra­tion, the images aren’t gross, just fas­ci­nat­ing. (homage to schneier)

Tru­ly ran­dom num­bers are the holy grail of cryp­tog­ra­phy. Quan­tum physics may be the answer. Isn’t QP the answer to every­thing? So now there are 42 tru­ly ran­dom num­bers. Maybe — or not. IO9 tries to explain how it works and why it mat­ters. Vio­la­tion of Bell inequal­i­ties… My head hurts.

Art, Images, and Design

These are so sil­ly and so cute. Masaku Hori ‘s lit­tle wait­ing dogs that hold your fruit.

Fab black and white dou­ble por­trait: Joe  Lewis and Josephine Bak­er.

Animation (Sorta)

Rule 34: If you can think of it there is porn of it on the ‘net. Bet­ter than Rule 34: Bat­man porno. Not the Dark Knight bat­man, the late 60’s campy TV ver­sion. Com­plete with cheesy car­toons bal­loons that say Pop and Pow. Stun­ning­ly, this trail­er is SFW.

… and that’s the end your week with the magpie.

Morning Linkage (Apr 26)


There is very lit­tle infor­ma­tion on the bike in this pic­ture but the set­ting — BBQ and the pho­tos are nice. A Ducati cafe rac­er. But which one?  The paint looks real­is­ti­cal­ly, well, rough. But would some­one please aim the headlight?

I’ll make it 2‑fer Guzzi Monday

Moto Guzzi Le Mans — sub­tle silver.

Moto Guzzi Con­dor — arrest me red.  Mind bog­gling mechanicals.

Science and Pretty Girls

What are we cut­tle­fish? Isabel­la Rosselli­ni is back with more paper cre­ations and crea­tures to explain the world of sex­u­al repro­duc­tion. Seduce Me sea­son 1 begins with — Cut­tle­fish.


How to eat a cup­cake. I know you think you don’t need instruc­tions. You need these instructions.

More cup­cakes. Cup­cakes, cup­cakes, cup­cakes. Been done to death so what can I pos­si­bly have come up with that would jus­ti­fy anoth­er post on cup­cakes? Mup­pet wed­ding cake — that’s what.

Art, Images, and Design

Any of you that have been involved in the com­mer­cial design world will remem­ber, fond­ly or not, crits. Well, here’s one you might have enjoyed par­tic­i­pat­ing in. The sum­ma­ry of couch forts as archi­tec­ture.

John Burge makes inti­mate por­traits in either water­col­or or oil. Old school paint­ing. Just like life, some images are NSFW.

Yuko Shimizu is draw­ing for Ver­ti­go (DC Comics) again, anoth­er cov­er for Unwrit­ten. This stand­alone edi­tion deliv­ers a fairy-tale world with a dark preda­tor. As usu­al her post has lots of in process scans of the work, some edi­to­r­i­al changes, and snaps of her visu­al ref­er­ence material.

march­ing on…