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Morning Linkage (Jan 25)


Spark­ly orange paint and a nitrous tank. I so want to hate this bike, but I can’t quite man­age it. It’s scruffy and over the top, but it’s utter­ly charm­ing in that torn-up eared tom-cat kind of way. But it’s a CB750, so what do you expect?

Hap­py words make a bike. Bicy­cle Typogram.  Bonus, pics of the press and the print­ing of the image.

Page down once, 1929 Nean­der. Per­fec­tion.

Art, Images, and Design

Late­ly a lot of things in my life have been appear­ing in twos. Odd linked images that tie across media. Here’s a mys­tery pho­to of a build­ing that appears to be float­ing in the air (prob­a­bly a load­ing shed for fer­til­iz­er trucks) and one of my favorite movies “Howl’s Mov­ing Cas­tle” tied up together.

The first time I heard of a pan­golin it was on the cov­er of a text book in school (Mary Dou­glas’s Implic­it Mean­ings.) The ani­mal fas­ci­nat­ed me. Still does. And I’m not the only one. A back­pack and an over the shoul­der bag inspired by the spiny anteater cre­at­ed by Cyclus and made of recy­cled inner tubes. Goth? Punk? I’m vot­ing new-animist.

Oh wow. You can still license Jim Flo­ra art for your album/CD. I may have to go back to plan­ning on being a rock­’n’roll star when I grow up.

Culture and Its Institutions

And trav­el­ing on from the oh wow jim flo­ra… to ARC, Artist’s Record­ing Col­lec­tive. A new busi­ness mod­el for pack­ag­ing, dis­trib­ut­ing, and pro­mot­ing music. One of sev­er­al ven­tures attempt­ing to make the new media and dis­tri­b­u­tion chan­nels serve the artist first.

Final Thought

Infor­ma­tion you need, a female demon who forces men to speak when they should­n’t. Uh huh.

Morning Linkage (Oct 21)


Except for the choice of blue hoses, I can see this charm­ing CB550 being a some­one’s pride and joy in the ear­ly 80’s.

Love the paint. CB450. Yeah, anoth­er one.

1970 Japan. You do not want to see this police mod­el CB750 in your mir­rors. Orig­i­nal in Japan­ese (more pix)

(Bonus Trans­porta­tion Ani­ma­tion) REDLINE. Nope, it’s not mak­ing the lists of Christ­mas sea­son block busters. But we might get a look at Takeshi Koike’s rac­ing epic (with sub­ti­tles) in the Spring. Wicked cool, intra-galactic rac­ing. (Video — loud, vio­lent and full of aliens — oh and racing)


I should be much more hyped about the deep eco­log­i­cal impli­ca­tions of the work of Lucy and Jorge Orta, but real­ly I just want to watch the but­ter­flies. (Video with voice over. 1:40) More details on the multi-media instal­la­tion “Ama­zo­nia” at the Nat­ur­al His­to­ry Museum

Art, Images, and Design

If you need a lit­tle some­thing eldritch for your Hal­loween par­ty invites you could do no bet­ter than to con­sid­er one of Sid­ney Sime’s fine ghosties and ghoulies.

More grue­some images for late Octo­ber. The Wal­ter Pot­ter col­lec­tion has been (par­tial­ly) reassem­bled. “A fine exam­ple of Vic­to­ri­an whim­sy.” If your taste in whim­sy runs to stuffed squir­rels.

Pen and water­col­or. A lit­tle reminder to all those who don’t live here in Puge­topo­lis why we love it. Crisp, sun­ny, morn­ing in the ID.


Doomed, A bio­log­i­cal car­toon by Guiller­mo Gar­cia Car­si. Invert­ed hedge­hogs, coral par­rots, strange song­birds, and cube fish.  Click on the word Doomed to start the pre­view. Snork. (Video with voice-over. 1:07 — Flash)

Morning Linkage (Mar 24)


From Life mag­a­zine. Day­tona in 1948. 22 pics. Take your time.

Anoth­er CB750, this one from Chica­go. I like the rough edges.

Or per­haps this one — a tad rougher.


Society and Culture (Food)

Food­ie Trend Watch. Your cup­cakes are no longer cool, hip, and indis­pens­able for (adult) birth­day par­ties. Meet the dough­nuts, the new cup­cakes. Yes there is a recipe, no I don’t want to know how good they are.


Art, Images, and Design

The Rhythms of Mod­ern Life:  British Prints 1914–1939.  Exhi­bi­tion from Miami’s Wolf­son­ian Muse­um.  So many things that go fast, bikes, cars, run­ners. Fab­u­lous mod­ernistic style.

Scrap yard objects become moto-mechano-men. Or some­thing. Stephan Halleux.

Some­what sim­i­lar, but not at all the same. Ron Pip­pen builds armor for angels.



Anoth­er selec­tion from the Acad­e­my Award nom­i­na­tions.  “The Lady and the Reaper (La Dama y la Muerte),” Javier Recio Gra­cia, direc­tor.  (Kan­dor Graph­ics and Green Moon) The lady would like to go now. All the sil­ly slap stick vio­lence of  Oscar win­ning Logo­ra­ma — except this time it’s about death and it’s funny.

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