Transportation and Photography

1976 Benel­li 750 SEI. Pure sex appeal.

Real­ly big rock­et engines… and trains. A Soyuz gets to the launch pad.

Some­times you just need to know a guy. A guy whose grand­fa­ther raced Ital­ian motor­cy­cles in the 20’s and 30’s. A cache of pho­tos from Alfre­do Panel­la’s grand­son.

Pil­ing moun­tains of things on lit­tle wheeled vehi­cles. Brought to an art form in Shanghai.


Jor­dan Smith cre­ates the trail­er for Bryan Tal­bot’s graph­ic nov­el Grandville Mon Amour. (NSFW — ani­mal char­ac­ters engag­ing in noir violence)

Also noir but much more light-hearted, an addict and his poi­son. Key Lime Pie. Anoth­er cute Death. Blame Coil­house, I do.

and… it’s over, see you all next week,