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Morning Linkage (Jan 21)


The auto­mo­tive press goes into its annu­al orgy of list mak­ing every win­ter around the December/January pub­lish­ing cycle. Each and every list high­light­ed with ital­ics, cap­i­tal let­ters, and Big Red head­lines. And pho­tos of each and every one of the cars or trucks. Bor­ing, copy­cat, can’t tell one mag­a­zine from an oth­er pho­tos. Except that this year Auto­mo­bile used an illus­tra­tor rather than a pho­tog­ra­ph­er. Not sure if the results will be repeat­ed but I like Daniel Stolle’s work any way.

The full arti­cle. What’s with motor rags? — find­ing any­thing on their web­sites is damned near impos­si­ble and the images are hid­den in the chaos on the right edge of the article.

Food trucks, we all love ’em. And now you can have a look at the fac­to­ry that makes them. The good fel­lows at Tel­star Logis­tics did a piece for the NYT.

1 minute of 1960’s hip. Girls go for guys on Ves­pas. Hap­py Fri­day my lit­tle scoot­er dudes and dudettes.

1959 Moto Guzzi Fal­cone, by Von Dutch. Love it, hate it? No mis­tak­ing the era.

Art, Images, and Design

Mr. Peabody, the hep-est cat around.

I can only quote John K’s first cou­ple of lines. ” If there’s one thing I learned from skulk­ing around in the paper­back sec­tion of my local drug­store when I was kid it was this: ALL THINGS EVERYWHERE CRAVE OUR WOMEN. (…)  I don’t care what race, species or gen­era you are, whether you are liv­ing or dead, ani­mal, veg­etable, min­er­al, fun­gi or bac­te­ria — your first thought upon each aching wak­ing morn is how to steal our women. (…)  And who can blame you? Look at them.”  Fol­lowed by a bitchin’ col­lec­tion of pulp sto­ry cov­ers. (NSFW)

More sedate­ly, in black and white. On  a slow boat from Africa. The New York Times would send a pho­tog­ra­ph­er to the docks to cap­ture the unload­ing of the ani­mals import­ed for Amer­i­can zoos.


Best dog ate my home­work ever.…

Hap­py Fri­day y’all.

Morning Linkage (Oct 18)


Not near­ly enough infor­ma­tion on this super lit­tle Hon­da. But the brake disks prob­a­bly out­weight the engine by half.

Vin­cent over at South­siders writes about the Shady Dell Vin­tage Trail­er Camp in Bis­bee Ari­zona. Excel­lent­ly pho­tographed and pre­sent­ed. And there’s a “walk around” pre­sen­ta­tion on the Shady Dell site. Click on “Vir­tu­al Tour” in the top nav.

IP and Technology

Anoth­er patent troll — this time claim­ing to own the rollover. Web­ven­tion. Who the heck is… Inter­est­ing choice of price point for “licens­ing” and a real­ly poor choice of well-capitalized tar­get. But most­ly you need to see the troll doll post image cho­sen by the wits at Ars.

Art, Images, and Design

This most awe­some tin-can dog look­ing out the space port-hole is from Denise Van Leeuwen for Plan­et Adven­tures writ­ten by Krista Ize­laar. Many more images from the book.

I’ll save you the cost of pur­chas­ing the Octo­ber Harper’s Bazaar by send­ing you to this Wicked Halo recap of the fab­u­lous exploitation/pulp inspired fall frock lay­out “Mys­tery in the Moon­light.” (Don’t both­er with the music video at the bot­tom. Dullsville.)

More pulp pret­ties. From the first image in the col­lec­tion — lady in a leop­ard print biki­ni accom­pa­nied  by a black pan­ther in a tree — you know that Dave Stevens’ over the top females on pulp cov­ers are going to make your day. (NSFW — sadly)


Music video mash-ups are rarely worth the 3:23 that you put into watch­ing them. Not in this case. “Stayin’ Alive in the Wall” is proof that Terp­si­chore has a sense of humor. (Video/Music 3:23)