Morning Linkage (Nov 30)

Collector cars of the future, wild­ly cus­tom vans, a cou­ple of Sportsters and the Ner-a-Car. Studying the deep sea with sub­mersibles, and mak­ing sense of Where’s George with some com­pli­cat­ed math. Ants, good pic­tures, very old hand let­ter­ing. Finally a trail­er for a fab Batman cartoon. 

Morning Linkage (Nov 5)

Just a nice pic­ture, Gold Star, race trans­porter from the old days, LEOs on elec­tric bikes. Physics explains: the wet-dog shake and giant pump­kins. Finns Sanna Annukka and Klaus Haapaniemi, Beatus Apocalypse, Black Swan posters, cal­lig­ra­phy in motion. Kandinsky’s Composition VIII ani­mat­ed and Saari — 3 min­utes of pure charming.