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Morning Linkage (Dec 1)


There may have been video from this Japan­ese live-action super hero series post­ed here before. But how can any­one resist this set of per­fect­ly posed pub­lic­i­ty shots. Not to men­tion that awe­some teal and red liv­er­ied mid-80’s Japan­ese dirt bike.

For more Japan­ese super­hero on bikes gig­gles try this search on the New Cafe Rac­er Society.

There will be opin­ions about this bike. The Sbay Fly­ing 1800.

Sub-300 pounds, 250 sin­gle, and not embar­rass­ing to look at. Per­haps a new cafe styled entry-level bike is just what the world needs. Tha Mis­fit.

Science — Images

Phy­to­plank­ton bloom off the coast of Namibia.

Play­ing with Giga­pan. Using robots to move cam­eras to cre­ate per­fect­ly stitch­able images. Zoom in, zoom out. A flock of hum­ming birds, a school of fish, and penguins.

Ultra­vi­o­let images of the Androm­e­da galaxy. The vis­i­ble light pic­tures obscure a lot of the details that the UV images pro­vide. (Nifty roll-over effect too.)

Art, Images, and Design

From yes­ter­day’s ani­ma­tion. The cre­ator Javier Oli­vares. Love his blocky style and the range of projects.


A stop motion film about … stop motion ani­ma­tion. (video 1:52)

car­ry on…

Morning Linkage (Nov 30)


Bor­ing Euro sedans, re-makes of already clas­sic cars, and the Porsche con­vert­ible for the mass­es. This list of 10 future col­lec­tor cars from folks at Hager­ty Insur­ance Agency does­n’t make me want to run out and buy some­thing to stash in the barn. Except maybe the Fiat or the Mini Club­man. But you can still get the orig­i­nals if you’re look­ing for clas­sic. Whad­da ya think?

I am dis­turbed that the com­mon name for the own­ers and oper­a­tors of these wild­ly cus­tom vans from Japan is Yan­kee. Or maybe it’s just the reac­tion to see­ing so many fly­ing plas­tic wings and those low­er mandible spoil­ers. Bonus — all these vans make the 2 cus­tom sedans includ­ed in the gallery look real­ly tame.

I like this Sport­ster. I like old school and I like satin paint. New­Blood by Deus.

Anoth­er Sport­ster. Com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent from VTM in France. Best Tron-ish future bike I’ve seen recently.

Very ear­ly attempt at the hub steer. Many more inno­va­tions in this 1921 Ner-a-Car.


Fly­ing squid. It’s a con­fus­ing mix of squid­li­ness (ten­ta­cles) and ray­ness (flap­ping wings) but the video is cool and the glimpse into doing deep-sea research with remote-controlled sub­marines will make your desk job seem bor­ing. CreatureCast.

Where’s George? And what can the data col­lect­ed on the web about the trav­els of dol­lar bills tell us about the coun­try we live in? First things first. How are you going to look at all those bills? This student-created video from North­west­ern shows how some of the cal­cu­la­tions of net­works and bound­aries look while they’re grind­ing away. Cool.

Art, Images, and Design

Orig­i­nal­ly I was just going to point out the pic­ture of the under­side of the wave. But that’s just not the only awe inspir­ing pic­ture in this round up of Nat’l Geog­ra­phy 2010 Pho­tog­ra­phy Con­test.

These pho­tos of ants in mossy places look like the set designs for Avatar. Maybe bet­ter, the nar­ra­tive makes more sense.

DieLine takes anoth­er look back­wards — this time to the seed pack­ages of old. The let­ter­ing is love­ly, flow­ing, and all hand drawn.


I don’t care if it is in Span­ish — it’s not like we’re going to need to fol­low the dia­logue. Javier Oli­vares does a new  Bat­man car­toon for TV. The look is just right, goth­ic, gotham, and lit­tle grainy.