Morning Linkage (Oct 26)


Want a little mystery to ponder today? How about getting to the bottom of this MV Augusta 60cc Monomoto Superleggera. Tragic Italian opera? Wacky art project? Total BS? Keep looking.

Headline – 60 Years on Jaguar Sexy C-Type Still Seduces – and here are the pictures to prove it. Honestly is there anything sexier on 4 wheels?

Start in Philadephia – end up in New Zealand. Plan on about a month of travel time. Telastar logistics will get you started by pointing you to Justin Watt’s container ship travel FAQ and toss in a couple of pics of the journey.


The old River Crossing Puzzle given a new set of characters and rules that come from a more modern perspective. Played with life-size pieces and real world rules.  An interactive installation by Ahmet Ogut.

Art, Images, and Design

There are a handful of excellent photographs in this introduction to the Facing Change photographic project. Based on the founders’ desire to create a public collection of images that illustrate our times in the manner of the FSA (Farm Security Administration) projects of the 30’s but without political ties.

So, is this architectures? Sculpture? Collage? Papercraft? Don’t know, don’t care. You must spend time with the images and narrative description of “The Migration of Mel and Judith” a travelogue built into a “self-enclosed curling world of the lampshade”… which … “adds a wonderfully anti-perspectival, frilly concavity to the couple’s journey.”

And if Mel and Judith wasn’t enough for you, you can move along and explore Thomas Hillier’s more recent work “The Emperor’s Castle” A vaguely creepy, organically extravagant, origami inspired pop-up book.