Engine porn. Full view of the gear dri­ven cams on an awe­some lit­tle Benelli.

Per­fect­ly, post-apocalyptically Vespa.

Nice lines on this yel­low Hon­da cafe. The light driz­zling of water drops does not hurt the look of these shots.

Gaming and Culture

SEGA has a yakuza based game for play sta­tion. How good is it? Jake Adel­stein asked 3 “guys” to have a look. Oth­er than the red shirt…

Art, Images, and Design

Elsa Lan­ches­ter was the orig­i­nal Bride of Franken­stein. Made­line Khan will always be my favorite BoF, but you have lots of images to choose from in this round-up by Wicked Halo. NSFWerot­ic mon­ster nudi­ty.


We’ve all done it; let our sense of dread over­whelm our com­mon sense, and been embar­rass­ed­ly cha­grined at our silli­ness in the end. Smooth­ly ani­mat­ed with soft sculp­tures and quirky card­board, Some­thing Tak­en, Some­thing Left Behind, reminds us that chil­dren aren’t the only ones giv­en to irra­tional cat­a­stro­phiz­ing. (Video, 10:14)

off you go into the rainy weekend…