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Morning Linkage (May 27)


These guys are con­fused about whether they are pro­duc­ing an elec­tric bicy­cle or a video game trail­er. The M55-EVO‑1 brings mind­less ePR to the fore.

Three nice black and white images of motos in India. Old school, good photography.

I’ve shown you more than one col­lec­tion of pic­tures of the odd things that peo­ple do with the Ruckus. How about a switch of brands for a look at what you can do with Yama­ha Fino.

Anoth­er Julian Dupont hooli­gan video. This time in Jeruse­lam and Tel Aviv. Must be nice to have Red Bull to watch your back while you stunt like a fool. (RB hires some of the best video crews in the busi­ness.) Music.

Society, Culture , and History

Aston­ish­ing things lurk in the files and archive box­es of many nations. Recent­ly a Duke grad stu­dent (USA) found the only known copy of Hait­ian Dec­la­ra­tion of Inde­pen­dence. Orig­i­nal­ly print­ed by the new gov­ern­ment in 1804 there are no copies from the first print­ing in Haiti. Or France, or any­where else as far as schol­ars knew. But Julia Garfield found  one in the col­lec­tion of papers of relat­ing to the colo­nial gov­er­nance of Jamaica held at the British Nation­al Archives.


Yulia Brod­skaya has been fea­tured here before. This new poster for the Stern Grove music fes­ti­val is hap­py, sum­mery, and almost makes the sun come out all on it’s own. Details of the print pro­duc­tion provided.

Otto Nero runs an Ital­ian motor­cy­cle blog. In this post he pro­vides a nice col­lec­tion of street art images fea­tur­ing motos. A cou­ple of clas­sics and one or two sil­ly lit­tle things.

Nice inter­view with Tom Whalen and a selec­tion of his images. Whalen is one of the peo­ple who’s been defin­ing “new mod­ern­ernism” Though I doubt he’d use the words him­self. He thinks more in terms of the com­ic books and super heroes.

Morning Linakge (Mar 12)


A par­tic­u­lar­ly nice ver­sion of the battery/electric ped­al bike. Charges on the flat as well as down hill. Also nice look­ing, I would­n’t be embar­rassed to ride this to town.

I had the Inter­na­tion­al Scout II for a while. I’d pay (some­thing) to have one of these now. The Inter­na­tion­al Wag­on­mas­ter. Alas I was too late.

Ren­der­ing from Luca Bar. One of the guys who does those neat‑o con­cept pic­tures that the bike mags use to illus­trate their rumor filled, we have noth­ing sub­stan­tial to report, pre­views of the next year’s bikes. This Moto Mori­ni Cor­saro Veloce is a fine exam­ple. Spend time look­ing under the projects tab.


Science and Technology

Plant galls. Um, er, not real­ly vil­lain­ous but then again, at the very least alien. Many excel­lent images to give night­mares to the gar­den­ers in the audience.

Organ­ism pro­duced bio­fu­el. A real step for­ward by Nip­pon and Hitachi using a sin­gle celled organ­ism that lives in ponds. Uh huh, Jet A fuel from pond scum.



What the world eats in a week. This is what glut­tony and par­si­mo­ny look like. In a cou­ple of cas­es the ratio of pack­aged vs. fresh food will sur­prise you. Also the vari­abil­i­ty in the costs. From the book “Hun­gry Plan­et” As much as I find the food inter­est­ing, the fam­i­lies are com­pelling ele­ment that keeps you looking.

Fuller ver­sions from Time. Part I and Part II fam­i­lies and their gro­ceries. Part III: mar­kets and cooking.

What did you have for break­fast? The first meal of the day, with­out tableware.


Art, Images, and Design

Ball­point pen, pen­cil, water­col­or. Huge, grue­some, Grimm fairy­tale, del­i­cate, and detailed all at once. Your myths and night­mares are served up by Caitlin Hack­ett.

Sick. Got­ta love the gen­tle wood­land crea­tures. Grick­le. (Music — but that’s the point.)

Paper­war, Papierkrieg. Start­ing with a cou­ple of paper air­planes and end­ing with, well, I won’t spoil the sur­prise. A broth­er and sis­ter engage in an arms race in fold­ed paper. I know almost noth­ing about the cre­ators except that one of them is named Mat­tias and he wants to go to film school. (Yelling)

Won­der­ing what is going to hap­pen next. (SFW)

and that ends this week’s thrill ride