Morning Linkage (Nov 3)

Confused brand­ing, but first a lit­tle cham­ber music. Ducati goes to cof­fee, BMW makes a maxi-scooter and Husqvarana (owned by BMW) makes a some­thing. ’53 R51/3. Linotype video. Blues art, fund rais­ing for the gulf with the oil itself, a new­ly cleaned Giotto, Buck Fish, and Principal Skeleton brights the stu­dents’ day.

Morning Linkage (Sep 28)

Bolt Lightning — weird­est drag­ster ever, pho­tograph­ing your bike, a cou­ple of lit­tle won­ders — XL250 and C100. New mate­ri­als for bone regrowth sup­port, bio­lu­mi­nes­cence — why is the water glow­ing? Toast! A clever tape dis­penser, tiny art on a pad­lock, and some seri­ous­ly night­mare induc­ing furniture.