The Emperor’s New Bird

 I love the notion of per­formed spon­tane­ity, in that it gets at the fact that what seems nat­ur­al, or impro­vi­sa­tion­al, is still a prod­uct of deci­sion mak­ing, and still leads to a con­scious­ly made thing—a mechan­i­cal nightin­gale rather than the real bird that hap­pens to fly in the win­dow.” Diane Seuss inter­view with Jesse Nathan … 

In Autumn

yel­low moon becomes amber mum becomes ques­tion of bridges that go nowhere becomes smell of paper, hot out of the print­er becomes some­thing gold­en that was alive just yes­ter­day but today smells new­ly, rich­ly dead. First pub­lished in Door is a Jar