Morning Linkage (Oct 29)


Tiny bikes on the salt at Bon­neville. 61+ mph from 50ccs. Scott Guthrie Rac­ing as it in for the mini-bike crowd. More about Scott Guthrie and his  more con­ven­tional LSRs.

Some­times not fix­ing all of the dam­age is the right way to go. This H-D tank was cleaned up, given a fin­ish sand­ing, and then waxed. The char­ac­ter shines through.

Art, Images, and Design

Pho­tos that are pretty at first glance and then they chal­lenge you to see the ugly, and then the beauty, and then another layer of ugly… This set is “The Ways of Salt.” Felix Cid.(NSFW– artis­tic nudity)

28 vin­tage manga cov­ers. Like you thought this was a new thing?

Mostly crabs — a few other sea crea­tures with claws. Happy pictures.


Adorable, sense­less gore.“Kill Your Cowork­ers” has the robots on parade going a lit­tle hay­wire. Barely col­ored frame­works mean that the fly­ing heads are rough cubes and the blood that flows is kinda like a water fall of Lego. Cre­ator Mike Win­kle­man has made the C4D files free to the world and eagerly awaits the twisted genius results. (Video 3:04)

Point­less Hol­i­day Picture

I just want to be able to use this pic­ture as the post image for today
Happy Hal­loween y’all