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Morning Linkage (Aug 10)


1960’s show cars on post­cards. Start with the Fire­ball 500. Total morn­ing waster on flickr.

Mov­ing more freight, but not on the inter­states. Marine High­ways, inter-modal freight, short sea ship­ping, and RoRos.

The world’s only Muzeti 250. (1983 GSX 250) Sweet lit­tle bike.

Clas­sic of the Day. AJS 18.


Astron­o­my pic­ture. The eclipse shad­ow cone — I’ve nev­er seen this so clear­ly. No date?

Ordi­nary super­pow­ers. First off — I love the image that io9 chose to illus­trate this. Okay, so did you know that you can train your­self to rec­og­nize Haidinger’s Brush. This allows you to detect polar­ized light. Um, I’m not sure how this is actu­al­ly going to be use­ful to any­one, but hey, you nev­er know…

Per­son­al­i­ty isn’t as sim­ple as your high school guid­ance coun­selor told you when she gave the results of you Meyer-Briggs tests and sug­gest­ed that trade school was your best option. And any hope that there might be genet­ic basis for per­son­al­i­ty seems to have been squashed by these find­ings from Australia.

But most­ly the above arti­cle is a link to this piece in the New York­er about Wal­ter Mis­chel. The man behind the one marsh­mal­low now or two marsh­mal­lows lat­er exper­i­ments. And the follow-up work with the kinder­gart­ners who were his first subjects.

Art, Images, and Design

Pho­tog­ra­ph­er Mark Tuck­er is back from Ten­nessee and work­ing on the lat­est Jack Daniels commercials/ads. He’s pro­vid­ed some very nice pho­tographs and a cou­ple of “mak­ing of” video out­takes. If you watch the first video with the piglets turn the sound down — they squeal some­thing fierce.

Coralie Bickford-Smith is a book design­er for Pen­guins books. She is respon­si­ble for the jack­et and cloth bind­ings of the Pen­guin Clas­sics series. Some of the loveli­est books to be pro­duced late­ly. Be sure to look at her work for the Red Clas­sics Boys’ Adven­tures series as well.

Nice­ly done pic­tures from Tara Hunt’s pho­to stream of the New Zealand farm that served as the loca­tion for Hob­biton in the LoR movies. Door and win­dows are gone but the sheep have a place out of the rain.

Morning Linkage (Apr 9)


A nice over-restoration (I made that word up) of a Hon­da CBX1000. The head­er pipes are rad.

Anoth­er CBX, this time in near orig­i­nal con­di­tion. More pics and details on the bike as you slide right in the viewport.


Pret­ty pho­to­graph and expla­na­tion of The Belt of Venus over the Val­ley of the Moon. Okay, the title is the coolest part but the pic­ture will make you a lit­tle dreamy too.

Art, images, and Design

Here are some shots from the NYC East­er Parade. Ran­dom good­ness. It’s worth a chunk of time to click on  the “Mark Tuck­er” at the top and explore some of his oth­er posts. There are days when his slide into a
brand of slick com­mer­cial por­trai­ture is cloy­ing and oth­ers when it is odd­ly calm­ing. And then there are the moments of genius like these can­did shots from the NYC East­er Day parade. (Tal­ent is often for

Six pos­si­ble cos­tumes for your next big event. Pro­vid­ed you don’t have hay fever. Wee­drobes — Nicole Dex­tras’ ephemer­al cou­ture for sum­mer and prints from the pho­tographs. You’ll like the win­ter Ice­works as well but they aren’t as wearable.

Su Black­well’s ver­sion of the Mad Hat­ter’s Tea Par­ty fea­tures a well cutout Alice look­ing on curi­ous­ly. all of Ms. Black­well’s book sculp­tures are just plain fun.



The music is stan­dard pop, love song, but the video is too ter­ri­bly twee with all of those clever match­box­es. The Nav­i­ga­tors “Din­ner at My Place

And then I found the entire set of match­box­es in one place.

and there you have it — anoth­er per­fect­ly good week wast­ed with…