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Morning Linkage (Aug 25)


Anoth­er tiny cus­tom CB100 out of SE Asia. This one from Deus Cang­gu in Bali.

Scott Fly­ing Squir­rel. Best bike name ever and inno­v­a­tive design too. Liq­uid cool­ing from the 1920’s. A cou­ple of oth­er Scott bikes here as well.

From Japan a TX650 cus­tom. The lines of the sub­tly brown tank are dreamy.

Doc­u­men­ta­tion of mon­u­men­tal moments in bad taste. Nick Glies makes a liv­ing pho­tograph­ing the insides (and out­sides) of pri­vate jets. Own­er­ship is, of course, not disclosed.


Tablets for Christ­mas this year. With the launch of the iPad this spring the tablet has reached the mid­dle amer­i­can radar. Best Buy is gear­ing up for the Xmas sea­son by pro­mot­ing the tablet as a per­fect gift.

Among the many con­tenders is like­ly to be this HTC slat­ed to run Google’s chrome.


Cook­ing in a milk can? Steam cook­ing for messy, stew meals. Yum.

Art, Images, and Design

A quick and dirty overview of the art of Sci-Fi. Lau­ren Panepin­to who is the Art Direc­tor for Orbit Books shows you some exam­ples and explains why and how they go about entic­ing you to pick up and read. Lots of links to lots of artists. Be sure to check the com­ments for even more art and links.

From the Long Now blog, a fine exam­ple of Panepin­to’s two rules for great Sci-Fi art. Com­men­tary on this split soci­ety image?

In the late 1970’s Andy Levin spent his non-working hours pho­tograph­ing the every­man expe­ri­ence of Coney Island. The NYT’s Lens blog brings 18 of these fine black and white pho­tos back.

And now, many years lat­er, Levin returns to Coney Island and pub­lish­es Coney Island Baby. Col­or pho­tos of the same place, in a very dif­fer­ent time. (NSFW — one aggres­sive­ly nude image)

enjoy the heat — eat lunch out­side today

Morning Linkage (Aug 17)


My dreams of roman­tic, retro get-aways always include a fly­ing boat. I thought I was SOL for this life­time. I am not. Dornier is bring­ing the fly­ing boat back into production.

Wood on a bicy­cle. Very nice set of han­dle­bars.

South­east Asia and tiny bikes. The new world order in cus­toms. So many of the bikes fea­tured here begin with CB, but they rarely go on to fin­ish up with 100.

Or Glo­ry: 21st Cen­tu­ry Rock­ers” a book of pho­tographs by Horst A. Friedrichs of mod­ern Rock­ers. (Pub­lish­es in Sep­tem­ber; avail­able for pre-order on Ama­zon now)


Tidal tur­bines. Like wind­mills for gen­er­at­ing elec­tric­i­ty from the con­tin­u­ous motion of water. I’m sor­ry for link­ing to the NYT; the com­ments are so dull.


In 1974, Philippe Petit and a few com­pa­tri­ots slung a wire between the World Trade Cen­ters and M. Petit walked it.  That sort of bal­ance and focus is unimag­in­able to most of us. Or is it? You can sign up for a work­shop to learn to walk on wire from the mas­ter. Details on your next oppor­tu­ni­ty when I can find them.

Art, Images, and Design

From Retro Age Vin­tage Fab­rics. Uphol­stery fab­ric fea­tur­ing a design by Picas­so of a lady on a horse. I can’t quite see­ing doing my sofa in this print… or maybe I can.

BTW if you like the aes­thet­ic of the pho­to­graph of the wood­en han­dle­bars on the bicy­cle there’s an entire tum­bler full of sim­i­lar­ly airy images.  Is this the pho­tog­ra­ph­er him/herself? Or some­one with a very good eye for a style curat­ing the net for us?

Chas Labor­de was a French illus­tra­tor of the 1920’s and 1930’s. The blog Adven­tures in the Print Trade takes the oppor­tu­ni­ty of a new book about him to show a few of his illus­tra­tions of every­day life. I keep think­ing that I want to see a graph­ic nov­el of some­thing by Fitzger­ald done this way.